Prepaid IT Support is a simple, limited plan that allows you to take advantage of a more affordable IT support whenever needed without incurring enormous costs. This is particularly crucial amid this global crisis when safeguarding and maintaining your IT infrastructure and business continuity needs to be ensured.

Amid this pandemic, companies are faced with uncertainties about what direction business and the economy will take. One thing that every business is focusing on is cutting costs. Prepaid IT support is just one way firms can eliminate expensive long-term contracts that aren’t needed frequently or entirely.

What Is Prepaid IT Support?

Prepaid IT support is a service plan that offers specified hours agreed to engage the IT workforce of the service provider. Service providers offer usually blocks of hours monthly – 10 or 20 hours to start with – and draw from this amount of time as needed.

This type of service is best applied when your in-house IT support is already set in place with basic IT expertise but needs an extra hand to help you get through finer details that your team may not be able to handle. A prepaid IT support provider has experienced specialists who deal with IT issue.

When you subscribe to a support package, your firm will have the convenience to call customer support and request direct assistance from an IT support specialist.

What sets it apart from periodic maintenance contracts is that you only pay for the service when it’s needed. With complete support contracts, a firm is mandated to pay the entire cost of package even when the specified routine maintenance period elapses without a single issue. Plus, there is a possibility of the maintenance charges hiking and unavailability of properly skilled personnel to handle your IT support needs.

Prepaid IT support gives you the flexibility to manage your IT needs through your in-house team and fully budget for it as required.

What Businesses Can Benefit from Prepaid IT Support?

In this day and age, IT for business that cannot be avoided. It comes at a cost, but it does not have to be expensive. What types of business cases or scenarios merit the use prepaid IT support? These are just a few examples.

Quick Business Expansion

Bringing your in-house support team up to par when your business is experiencing rapid expansion can be costly. Prepaid IT support eliminates the costs of subjecting your team to time-consuming training or hiring more experienced expertise, especially when you need the extra help now.

As you expand your storage and computing capacities, you can scale by using on-demand prepaid IT support to sort out issues as they arise.

Filling a Skill Gap

Inquire from your HR department and you’ll realize that recruiting experienced IT personnel for a specific skill is a tough, time- and money-intensive task, as is upskilling your team. A prepaid IT support provider has well-experienced specialists who are cross-functionally skilled and ready to deploy. Perhaps you need a specific regular task undertaken, for example – software patching, back-filling your own staff, or delivering a project. Service providers can offer these solutions.

Meeting Regulations and Standards

Most industries are regularly audited to ensure they meet the criteria for proper operation. Audits can uncover IT vulnerabilities or lack of compliance to requirements like security protocols. As such, your IT team is constantly pressured to address the prevailing issues before audits are conducted. Prepaid IT support service providers are bound to lend expertise and best practices to help your firm pass any audits seamlessly.

The Perks of Prepaid IT Support

Prepaid IT support brings a lot of benefits to the table, including access to a better skillset and cost reduction. The following are other ways your firm can reap big from this type of support.

High Flexibility

Everybody likes pay-as-you-go flexibility as it eliminates paying for a service that don’t need it. Prepaid IT Support lets you only make an advance payment for the hours and required service, then have issues sorted out.

Specialized Expertise on the Go

It’s impossible to have specialized IT experts for every single IT infrastructure you have. Acquiring one only adds to your list of costs. A Prepaid IT Support provider already employs highly qualified technicians, engineers, and system architects.

Flexible Terms

The support is available 24x7x365 and provides access to the whole team of IT specialists available at NST. Receive a monthly statement of what time and effort was spent in supporting you. Should your needs change, it is a simple process to either cancel the arrangement or upgrade the arrangement to a monthly fixed fee.

Package Inclusions

Different providers of Prepaid IT support services often have different offers in the packages. But some of the most general items to look out for include the following:

Multiple Support Channels

The provider should have different contact methods, including email, phone, and live chat.

Functional Ticketing System

Whichever contact method followed, they should also maintain a real-time ticketing system to track your support requests and update them accordingly till resolution.

24/7 Support and Quick Response

This should be without a question; the provider should offer professional support anytime whenever required and be quick to respond to queries. Some providers even have an onsite support specialist at clients’ premises depending on the criticality of systems being dealt with.

Remote Support

Prepaid IT support may not need the physical presence of the specialists on premise. With secure remote access, the support team should be able to attend to your queries remotely, unless the issue requires their physical presence.

Price Flexibility

The support provisions should come with easy-to-manage blocks, such as 12 hours, 24 hours, or as long as needed, each detailing what is entailed in the service.

Trial before Commitment

NST is a renowned prepaid IT Support provider. We recommend giving our service a try before you commit to a full-service offering. Or you may simply want NST to deliver a specific solution to you, and not want the complication of too much red tape. This financial engagement model is often used by customers.

Simple and Straightforward

NST’s onboarding process is simple and straightforward with no demanding paperwork. You can get started right away without commitments. Contact NST to find out how quickly you can start cutting down your IT support costs so you can focus on your core business.