Emails and files are an integral part of any modern organization’s operations, being the primary mode of communication and holder of critical data.

Together, these tools contain a wealth of information such as business secrets, customers’ profiles, stock information, plans, among others, that must be safely stored, organized, and maintained. Their loss could mean disaster for the organization. The causes of email and file loss usually include:

Virus Attacks

This is the most common reason for losing email and files. Sometimes these incidents are generic, attacking all and sundry. At other times, they are targeted at specific organizations. Having no safety and prevention protocols against virus attacks could cause considerable damage or may even make email and file recovery almost impossible.

Software Failure

Malfunctions in the operating system or in any specific file program you use could mean the loss of files and email data. Fortunately, many software now come with built-in email and file recovery options to retrieve the lost data, but you should know how to use them.

Hardware Failure

Hardware failures are also not entirely uncommon and could also potentially unleash huge losses in emails and data. In some cases, hardware failure affects the software, too, making the chances of email and file recovery are almost nonexistent. So always take care of your hardware and comply with IT support’s maintenance protocols to ensure the health of your equipment.

Human Error

Mistakes by humans can sometimes cause loss of data as well. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, it is best to leave the technical tasks to experts. Make sure that the high-risk regions in the system have limited access only. Where it is essential, use passwords and other safety layers to authorize access.

Other cause of loss of data also include:

  • Natural disasters
  • Theft of equipment
  • Power outages

Benefits of Email and File Recovery Services

Before disaster strikes and you lose emails and files, it is a good idea of lay robust foundations for an email and file recovery system. Some of the advantages of having such a system are incomparable for your peace of mind:

Easy Retrieval of Lost Data

This one is a no-brainer. With an effective email and file recovery system, the lost data is quickly and easily recalled with little to no damage.

No Halt in Productivity

With the lost data quickly restored to within your reach, you can resume your work without any hindrance. The organization and employees’ productivity is not affected at all.

Legal Remedies

Sometimes, you need lost, old, or obsolete data as a piece of evidence or in support of your argument in a court of law. You can quickly get what you want from your archives using a valid email and file recovery system.

Statutory Compliance

Many state and national laws encourage or mandate you to have an email and file recovery system. By doing so, you fulfill a legal obligation; failing to do can invite penalty or legal action.

Financial Savings

The loss of emails and files could result in disrupted business and revenue. By having an adequate email and data recovery system, you save yourself a lot of money you would otherwise spending on retrieving lost data.

Proper Storage

Your data will be saved in an orderly and secure manner in an email and data recovery system. You do not have to be worry that it will fall into the wrong hands. It will also protect your intellectual data from any mishap.

In summary, negating an email and file recovery system definitely has its disadvantages:

  • Partial or complete loss of data
  • Difficulty in retrieving lost data
  • Loss of time and opportunities in recalling data
  • Halt in productivity
  • Loss of business
  • Legal penalties
  • High cost of data recovery efforts

Options for Email and File Recovery

Now that you have decided to set up a back-up and recovery system for your business emails and files, there are several options you can consider:

Cloud-based Backup

This online method of backing your data has gained great significance in recent times. It is easy, cost-effective, and at the most cost, a secure way to support your emails and files. But it is susceptible to hacker attacks and misuse by the employees, so beware.

Network Storage Device/LAN Storage

Also known as a backup server, this system offers data storage for of all the client computers attached to it. Instead of having separate external hard disks for all of them, you can use this device as a centralized email and file recovery and storage platform.

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