Hosted Cloud PBX

NST’s Managed Voice offering is cloud-based, and this brings many benefits. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, the real difference here is redundancy/portability - enabling your business to continue to operate even when your physical premises are unavailable. Regardless of wherever you are, and as long as you have internet access, your VoIP services are available to you. Your customers and staff are always contactable with a low-cost call. If your business has offices in more than one location, VoIP offers you free calls between locations - calls between VoIP telephone numbers attract no cost.

Included in this service is the option to further reduce costs by renting handsets. There are no additional hardware costs, and in fact, it is even possible to conduct your phone calls simply via a headset and your desktop/laptop.

There are many other flexible features and facilities available, such as Softphone for Mobile, Conference Bridges, Ring Groups, E-fax, Enhanced Queues, IVR, Call Recording and Playback, Call Monitoring, Call Screening, and CRM integration.


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