Managed Cloud

Cloud Services allow users to access both IT and other services from anywhere at any time, often at a reduced cost.

  • Scalability: add resources like storage simply and efficiently, without the huge expense.
  • Reduced Costs: no more high specialist staff costs, costs of hardware and some software upgrades are often included in a monthly fee.
  • Business Continuity: no more dependence on your own IT infrastructure facilities worrying about disaster recovery. Access to data from wherever you are. This also brings flexibility to work practices allowing staff to work from home.

NST has a rich set of offerings in this regard. These include Office 365, Data Backup, IAAS and Voice. These Cloud Services are all fully managed and reported on by the NST NOC.


Our core Managed Cloud Solutions



Your favourite Microsoft Office desktop applications in the cloud! Full remote accessibility and always the latest version.

Managed Backup


Keep important files and emails securely backed up and safe. Quick and efficient recovery of data when needed.



Why own IT infrastructure (hardware and software) when you can rent it? Use only what you need, when you need.

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Why Partner with NST


Affordable Solutions

We provide simple, no fuss IT contracts at a fixed price.

Holistic Solutions

We provide full IT infrastructure and software provision/support.

Outcomes Focussed

We partner with our clients to develop comprehensive technology solutions that meet all their business needs.

Industry Experience

Over 20 years’ experience, service clients across all sectors including financial, health, telecommunication, manufacturing & government.