The directors of NST acknowledge the gravity of the situation that has arisen since the COVID-19 pandemic was formerly announced in February 2020. As such we immediately implemented the following: Customers advised that our staff would no longer attend onsite. All interstate travel was ceased. Deep-cleaning of the NST premises was performed. All support is […]

What Is a Wide Area Network?

In layman’s understanding, the Internet and wide area network (WAN) could be interchangeable terms taken to mean geographically distributed networks. While the Internet could be considered a humongous WAN, it is also misleading to think that it is the only wide area network that exists in the world.

NST Managed Networking: Secure Connectivity for Your Business

A managed network is an outsourced global communication network that provides some or all the network solutions that an enterprise needs. One service provider of managed networking is NST, whose offerings include managed virtual private networks (VPN), and managed internet and wide area network (WAN) services. Read on to know more about this service and […]

Managed Cloud as an NST Service

Outsourcing IT services has proven to be effective in optimizing operations and businesses by supporting not only in streamlining core functions but also in opening opportunities for specialized skills and assets. Managed cloud is one such offering under NST’s IT management services, ensuring that enterprises can access their data and software anywhere at any time.

NST Managed Support: What Services Can You Get?

In essence, Managed Support means a dedicated team administering support protocols so businesses can provide the best services for customers. However, in an IT sense, Managed Support can have layers of definitions consisting of several elements. The IT environment is now more competitive than ever, and customers expect prompt and efficient delivery of support when […]

Vulnerability Management: Is Your Data Safe from Threats?

Vulnerability Management (VM) goes beyond a simple computer scan and reporting to provide a comprehensive approach to IT vulnerabilities via remediation activities planned and performed by security professionals. VMS aims to mitigate real-world or virtual security threats to diminish the risk of potential losses and danger to the company and its workers, and includes providing […]

How NST Provides End-User Computing Support

The era of digital connectivity has changed the way companies do business. The battle for best customer experience by providing end-user computing support has begun. Many decades ago, the approach to products and services focused on quality and tangible customers benefits. Today, the emphasis has shifted to highlighting the organizations, with ads featuring the positive […]