Why is Patch Management Important to Your Business?

An effective and proper patch management process is critical to any organization’s well-being as it helps maintain and update the security of the organization’s technology assets. It enhances the productivity of the workplace and ensures everything is working seamlessly. It also brings forth system updates and new additions to different features and meets compliance standards […]

Protect Your Business Information with Managed Security Services

Managed security is a structured and layered approach for managing the security needs of an organization. As businesses become more and more technologically intensive and the internet becomes embedded in the organization’s systems and processes, the level and extent of security threats have increased manifold. These threats may include data stealing, identity hacking, data tampering, […]

Why Does Your Company Need Mobile Device Management Services?

If your employees access your corporate networks via smartphones and other mobile devices, then you definitely need mobile device management. Whether we like it or not, mobile devices have become an integral part of the business world. Businesses and employees on the go greatly depend on tablets and smartphones to manage their day-to-day business tasks. […]

End-user Support Benefits not just Customers, but Your IT Business, too!

If your business is technology-related, your customers need round-the-clock end-user support to help them be seamlessly productive, and better use IT products and services. End-user support is the assistance you provide to your customers whenever they have any issues with your product or service. End-user support is one aspect of managed support, which encompasses IT-related […]

Managed Infrastructure as a Service: Your Instant Data Centre

Setting up your own business’s data infrastructure is no simple task. It requires a deep and thorough knowledge of hardware, storage servers, and data centers, as well as hefty investments. If your business is a startup or small business with limited technology expertise, time and financial capability, managed infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) could be […]