In today’s technologically driven and IT-intensive organizations, Having a Chief Information Officer is almost a mandatory post. If you don’t have one, a virtual CIO is the next best thing.

The roles of the CIO and virtual CIO are the same – that is, to manage, successfully implement, maintain, and maximize the information technology systems of a company. This role also drives innovation and revenue-generating ideas for the business.

Many small or medium-sized organizations (SMEs) cannot afford a full-time CIO, so they instead opt for virtual CIO, which essentially performs the same functions but is available to the business on a need-basis, contracted through a reputable IT solutions service provider.

The virtual CIO’s role includes formulating an IT strategy that aligns with the overall goals of the organization, managing and liaising the IT assets among the different working units and departments of the business, and preparing, monitoring, and utilizing the budget for these IT-resources of the company.

Advantages of Using a Virtual CIO Service

A virtual CIO service can help your business in more ways than one. It is critical that someone with expertise and experience can focus on the technical aspect of an organization, especially with the ever-evolving technological innovations. It makes the role of a virtual CIO more critical that the rest of the organization can focus on growing the business.

Saving Time & Money

A virtual CIO will use its expertise and experience to get you the best IT resources at the most affordable prices. These resources include both the software and the hardware required to run your business efficiently and maximizing its potential to boost the productivity and efficiency of employees. The virtual CIO also spearheads the creation of the IT safety and security strategy.

Develop the IT SWOT Analysis

We all know what the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) analysis, which is usually used in the overall conduct of the business. A virtual CIO can help make an IT-specific SWOT analysis as the basis of informed decisions.

Regulatory Requirements

Sometimes, your virtual CIO knows the specific laws and regulatory frameworks that your organization needs to comply with. As your watchdog in this aspect, they ensure that the organization is secure from malicious attacks in compliance with industry rules and standards.

Preparing an IT Budget

Your virtual CIO helps you design a realistic and cost-effective IT budget, which identifies the key IT expenditures and where savings can be achieved. They will bring to light specific IT opportunities that you need to be aware of and invest in to gain in the future.

Decision Making

Your virtual CIO can provide the vital inputs and an overall picture of the IT scenario, and assist in creating strategic IT decisions.

Drive the IT Infrastructure

The virtual CIO will help you build, stabilize, and drive your company’s IT resources and run your company’s IT-related projects in an efficient and precise manner.

Standard Inclusions of a Virtual CIO Service

Typically, a virtual CIO should be able to offer the following services to a business in need of its support:

Steadfast Technological Support

This is the most essential business expectation from any virtual CIO service. It should include all the little details such as their engagement, the extent, and frequency of their communication, the nature of their relationship, among others.

Regular Reporting

This is the second most crucial thing that should be included in a virtual CIO service contract. Regular meetings with the client will encompass reports on the changing IT scenario, the need to reflect, assess, and adapt to such changes. It could also discuss regulatory compliance, the progress of ongoing IT projects, and other related matters.

Technology Planning and Objectives

Your virtual CIO will help plan future resources and train the employees to utilize those resources. Issues like disaster recovery, cybersecurity should also be part of these services.

NST: Your Virtual CIO

NST is a technology solutions provider firm that can deliver a full range of Virtual CIO services. We have a comprehensive range of offerings such as fully managed or prepaid IT services, network and email/file security, cloud migration and backup, and disaster recovery and business continuity, among others.

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