Managed security is a structured and layered approach for managing the security needs of an organization. As businesses become more and more technologically intensive and the internet becomes embedded in the organization’s systems and processes, the level and extent of security threats have increased manifold. These threats may include data stealing, identity hacking, data tampering, data manipulation, among many others. It is therefore imperative, in the fairness of the things, that organizations put stringent safeguards in place to ensure the security and sanctity of their data.

What Are Managed Security Services?

Managed security services are typically outsourced to a third party service provider. There are numerous benefits attached to this move, ranging from hiring a specialist for the job to cost factors. A managed security service provider usually manages the organizational security remotely using the cloud-based technology.

What Businesses Need Managed Security?

In today’s world, that would be every kind of entity – from businesses of all sizes to governments and non-profit organizations, but some of the most important businesses that cannot do without managed security services are as follows:


Banking services are now increasingly digital, cloud-based, and virtual. Branchless or online banking is the norm these days. This calls for vigilant security protocols to ensure data security and privacy as well as for safeguarding money from unlawful digital transfers, hence managing security services.


The health sector is another sector that can do with managed security services. Data related to patient health records and health providers should be kept in safe hands, away from prying hackers to discourage their misuse. Additionally, machines that are operated via online programs must be protected to ensure their availability and accessibility to ensure efficient patient care.

Energy, Oil and Gas

The oil and gas sector is a strategic asset for many countries. They rely on to keep the economy rolling. Effective managed security services must be provided to the oil and gas sector to keep it safe. Moreover, with global effort focused on discover new and renewable sources of energy, companies dealing in energy must ensure that data and overall online operations are secure to ensure the information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Media and Entertainment

This global trillion-dollar industry churns out so much data in the form of graphics, videos, podcasts, music, documents, among others and are often the targets of malicious attacks. Opponents and hackers are always on the lookout to intrude into their system and steal their data, so they must maintain strict data security methods for themselves.

Aside from these, other industries that need to seriously consider managed security are government services, utilities, infrastructure, defense, information technology, and telecommunications.

Benefits of Managed Security Services

When you implement managed security services in your company, you can experience a host of key benefits. Some of the important ones are:

Cost Reduction

By hiring a specialist firm’s managed security services, you are reducing the cost of surveillance and inspection that you would have otherwise incurred had your hired full-time IT security staff. The cost of hiring and training includes providing them with employee perks and benefits, office space and equipment, as well as other overhead expenses. A technology outsourcing firm can be contracted for a lesser cost.

High Performance

A reliable managed security firm will take good care of your security operations as this is the focus of their job. Look for one who has a track record of service excellence. Ask for referrals from your network of entrepreneurs or from industry associations to ensure that the provider has the capability that you require.

Remote Handling

Managed security services do not require the physical presence of the surveillance staff. They can manage their work sitting in their remote locations and performing their work through cloud-based software. This reduces the need for human contact and takes us to our next benefit of managed security services.

Global Network

As managed security services can be performed from any part of the world, you get the opportunity to work with proven and tested global players. A provider with global staff usually means they are not limited by physical borders and can hire the best talent from around the world. A provider with global clientele also means they work in a multicultural environment that gathers the best of all worlds. This allows you to form an international professional team for your projects and assistance.

Quick Damage Control

An effective managed security service will ensure that any threats and attacks are quickly addressed and resolved. They will also help to investigate such incidents and find solutions to keep their recurrence, in the process identifying loopholes in the system that need to be plugged.

Types of Managed Security Services

The different types of managed security services can be as follows;

Continual Remote Monitoring

In this category, the system is managed and monitored from a remote location. This is done via cloud-based technology, and constant monitoring makes sure that every cyber evil is nipped in the bud.

Vulnerability Management

Here the network is checked and assessed for any possible gaping holes in it. The goal is to be proactive and take care of any such issues that might cause problems.

Risk Analysis

Risks, threats, and potential flashpoints are identified and assessed to know how much damage they can bring to the network and how real the threat is.

Perimeter Management

Perimeter management is the installation of security measures like firewalls, virtual private networks, and other such software. These are regularly updated to ensure the network is protected from threats.

NST for Your Managed Security Needs

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