If your employees access your corporate networks via smartphones and other mobile devices, then you definitely need mobile device management. Whether we like it or not, mobile devices have become an integral part of the business world. Businesses and employees on the go greatly depend on tablets and smartphones to manage their day-to-day business tasks. But what are the risks of accessing company networks via unsecure mobile devices?

Unmanaged mobile devices can pose a huge security threat. Verizon’s study found that the 89% of employees surveyed rely on only one security practice to protect their mobile networks, making employees using mobile devices the biggest threat to network security. This is one of the key reasons that organizations need a mobile device management service.

Another study by IDC reports that 40% of IT decision-makers allow their workers to access corporate information from employee-owned devices. However, 70% of employees confess that they access their corporate networks through their personal devices. This poses a massive threat to the security of the enterprise and to the sensitive information of the organization.

Benefits of Mobile Device Management

The greatest benefit that mobile device management brings is improved security throughout the enterprise. Security can be deployed to every single device within enterprise networks and protocols can be established in the wake of suspect threat to the security.

Aside from ensuring that devices are updated on software patches to fix vulnerabilities in the system, mobile device management services also helps the IT team to oversee remote access to highly sensitive data and user authentication for remote employees. It permits remote data wiping in case a device has been lost or stolen. With numerous devices connected to the network, mobile device management offers state-of-the-art mobile security throughout the network.

Here are more reasons to implement mobile device management to secure your enterprise network:

  • Lower costs – A well-implemented mobile device management system saves money over time. The service provider owns the software and devices that your employees use, at the same time taking care of device management. This frees up your organization from having to invest in the software and allows your IT team to focus on other aspects of their job.
  • Improved flexibility and workflow – Mobile device management systems enable more efficient and quicker collaboration and workflow management. It allows remote workers to be productive without compromising security. The managers can assign jobs quickly, organize project teams, and monitor the progress of various initiatives at once.
  • Simplify internal IT demands – Imagine that one employee alone interchangeably accesses company files between a smartphone, a tablet and laptop, not to mention their official work desktop. Mobile device management can be taxing on the IT staff. Having a reliable solution and service provider simplifies this by merging these management tasks into an all-inclusive platform, making the task more efficient.
  • Supports BYOD [Bring Your Own Device] – Mobile device management enables BYOD practices, where employees utilize their personal smartphones, computers, or other devices for work purposes. Employees prefer using devices they are familiar with. This is why BYOD has become popular for boosting the productivity, and efficient to manage the workforce.
  • Regulatory compliance – It is mandatory to adhere to the regulations, laws, guidelines, and specifications relevant to the business processes for all organizations. The benefit of Mobile Device Management is that the workers also comply with the organization’s terms and conditions as to how they take care of their devices.

Components of Mobile Device Management Services

Whether you are managing your company’s or private-owned employee devices, you need a robust solution. A mobile device management solution helps you support all platforms. Some solutions integrate seamlessly with your current infrastructure, saving both time and money.

Here are some functions of a mobile device management solution that your business can definitely benefit from:

  • Remote wiping of information from lost devices
  • Tracking device location via GPS
  • Standardizing configuration for quick and easy provisioning
  • Enforcing security protocols
  • Tracking and reporting on mobile assets
  • Managing device warranty
  • Tracking of data and call usage

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NST’s mobile device management solution is designed to provide enterprise-class IT management services for mobile devices. By implementing our secure solution, you reduce exposure to risk and increase protection of your corporate data. Our mobile device management service ensures that all the devices are properly configured to guarantee productivity, giving you and your employees the confidence to safely and securely leverage mobile devices as a powerful work tool.

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