Cloud services is an all-encompassing term that can mean many things, including cloud computing, managed cloud, etc. But if you think you are not using cloud services, think again. They are nothing but storage and management of your data at a remote place via the internet. This remote location can be inside the business’s premises or with a third party called a cloud services provider. Your social media accounts, online banking, email, etc., are all examples of cloud technology.  

Most Common Misconceptions 

Now that we know what cloud is, let’s shatter some of the most common misconceptions about it. 

Cloud is a passing trend: No, it isn’t. It is very much the present and future of data storage and management services. McKinsey predicts the cloud market to be worth a whopping US$1.7 to 6.2 trillion by the year 2025. 

Cloud is all about money: While you pay to get your cloud services, they save you a lot of money. You do not have to spend on expensive infrastructure and later on its maintenance. 

Cloud is not safe: The cloud is safer than you think it is. The cloud vendors have stringent security protocols, data encryption, and a team of security professionals to care for your data. 

Cloud is complicated: Many managers think of a cloud as a complex phenomenon fit only for IT professionals. Cloud has user-friendly enough, graphics-rich, convenient features to make it very easy to manage and navigate through. 

Weather can affect your cloud storage: It is a funny misconception. Many people confuse cloud technology with an actual cloud and think its location is somewhere up in the sky. There is no truth in them. 

It takes time to get your cloud: Good cloud service providers will do everything in their capacities to help you get your cloud space asap. It takes no more than a few days. 

Cloud will suck you in: It is another funny misconception about cloud services. People think of a cloud as an endless pit that will devour your data. You can walk in and out of the cloud at your own will. It has no such issues. 

Cloud has size issues: Cloud technology is very flexible. You can design it according to your specific needs and get what you want. What’s more, you only pay for what you use. Good cloud services providers always keep their customers’ needs in mind. 

Top Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Consider Cloud Services 

Cloud technology offers a multitude of benefits to its users, especially small businesses. Here are some of the reasons they should consider cloud services for themselves; 

It offers flexibility: Small businesses can use cloud services according to the quantum of their business. Likewise, they can reduce or increase their usage as the business grows or falters. Since small businesses are more prone to business cycles of boom or bust, so these services are more suited to them. 

Making data recovery easy: For any business, data loss is nothing short of a disaster. More so for the small business because it has no elaborate backup plans. The time and money spent on data recovery can be very taxing. Cloud computing makes data recovery super easy. You can have your data back in a jiffy. 

Reduction in IT maintenance budget: You do not need to spend on software updates, subscribing to expensive IT services, or worry about hacking attempts, etc. Cloud computing will take care of all this and more. 

It encourages remote working: Your employee can connect with you using cloud technology from anywhere in the world. He needs an internet connection and his laptop or smartphone for that. This technology helped many businesses during the pandemic. 

Cost reduction: Controlling expenses is a big challenge for any small or medium-sized business. Cloud helps you cut down on your operational costs. A company can allow access to its cloud to a large number of employees at no additional charge. It saves on a lot of hardware and software expenses. 

Facilitates teamwork: Cloud makes it easier for employees to work in a group or team. They may be geographically far from each other but can access data via the cloud and use it. They can view, monitor, review, and critique each other’s work and quickly and finish the job. 

Data security: As discussed above, cloud service providers are never lax when providing protection. There are multiple security layers and checks. Security experts carry out data policing and keep an eye on any untoward activity. Moreover, it is easier to check and control data stored at one location than different random locations. 

NST’s Cloud Services Offering

NST is a technology-based company that provides you with relevant and flexible cloud-based services along with a host of other benefits. Its cloud services are dependable, top-quality, and cost-effective. You will not have any trouble while using them. 

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