Service desk management is often referred to as the single point of contact (SPOC) between the clients or customers and the organization. It consists of a team of desk-bound human resources personnel who troubleshoot or tackle customers’ IT queries and issues.

The complexity of service desk management varies from organization to organization. In some instances, a service desk issues only tickets or merely collects information from the clients, while other service desks are manned by highly skilled IT professionals who aim to resolve technical customer issues from the first contact. These teams can either be employed in-house or through a reliable and efficient service provider.

Does Your Company Need Service Desk Management?

In recent decades, organizations have become more customer-centric to ensure that their customers receive the best products or services, and to capture their loyalty. One approach to strong customer service is implementing a service desk management. Here are some guidelines to help you determine if your company needs to implement service desk management.

Improve Customer Service

If you have received numerous complaints about your inadequate level of service, then it is high time you employ a service desk management provider. If you opt to contract a service provider, ensure that they have a solid track record for having the knowledge and skills in handling the customers’ complaints and queries.

Shorten Query Resolution

If your in-house customer service staff takes way too much time to respond or solve an issue, then you may need the help of a service desk management provider. The provider will have an established system of allotting time for each problem, monitoring the time it takes to redress the situation, and record it for reference.

Need for More Proactiveness

If you find that your in-house service staff lack the skill or sense of proactiveness and tend to wait for a problem to spiral out of control before taking measures, then it is definitely time to contract a service desk management provider. As much as it is humanly possible, a service provider will never allow any issue to get out of hand.


When customers report a critical issue and want an early redressal of their complaints, your organization must treat the issue urgently by attaching high priority to it. Service desk management providers have an established system to determine the severity and urgency of a customer issue and will find all ways to make sure it is prioritized.

Benefits of Employing a Service Desk Management Provider

Increased productivity

Contracting a service desk management system provider will help your organization run more smoothly and faster. The provider will be more focused on the work using their established and efficient tools, systems, and processes, thereby wasting less time and resources.

Better Service

By employing a reputable service desk management provider who has the advantage of deep skills and knowledge gained over decades of experience, you ensure better services for your clients and customers.

Meaningful Communication

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of results-oriented and purposeful communication, which lies at the very core of a service desk management system. Whether through voice or web chat, effective communication gets the job done and leaves the customer satisfied.

Data Gathering

All the information retained by the service desk management is an asset for the organization. The data can be used for making informed decisions, strategic policies, and to improve service delivery.

NST Service Desk Management Offering

As a leading IT services firm that is committed to providing top-notch and innovative solutions to its customers, NST’s offering encompasses the following:

Expert support

Highly skilled and knowledgeable personnel comprise our service desk team. They are trained to analyse, troubleshoot, and resolve complex problems.

Web/Mail Management

This includes sorting, monitoring, arranging, and releasing emails whenever it is crucial.

Server Management

NST ensures that all systems are working correctly and perform at optimum level.

Patch Management

This service is carried out routinely to check for any anomalies in servers as well as Microsoft operating systems and desktop applications.

Security Management

This includes keeping the anti-virus and other protection software up to date and checking the firewall regularly for any cyber breaches.

VoIP Management

As the backbone of modern communication systems, the VOIP system is configured and regularly checked.

Device Management & Support

NST also offers the management of mobile and all other devices included in the contract.

LAN/WAN Management

Every medium to large organization has networks operating from within. Their performance is regularly monitored for enhanced coverage.

Data Recovery

Every now and then, organizations may lose precious files and other vital data. NST offers the installation of a robust backup system, and a system for recovering lost files.

NST: Your Partner in Solving Business IT Needs

NST is a technology solutions provider that can deliver a full range of service desk management offerings to respond to all your IT-related needs. Based on our data and experience, 80 percent of all inbound calls accepted by our professionals are resolved by the first point of contact!

To learn more about NST and its services, visit any of our offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth or contact us today.