If you want to launch your website, you have several options to outsource its hosting, including shared and dedicated server hosting. Shared server hosting allows you to occupy server space with other websites.

Meanwhile, in dedicated server hosting, you have the entire server all for yourself. You are entitled to all the perks and privileges of your server solely as there are no neighbors to share it with. Dedicated serving hosting may be more expensive than shared hosting, but many businesses prefer this option because it offers many advantages.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

Outsourcing your hosting needs to a reliable service provider ensures the safety and soundness of your IT resources. Additionally, renting the server from a service provider is still less expensive than purchasing, managing, and maintaining your own hardware and software. Here are the other benefits of dedicated server hosting in more detail.

Future Scaling

When we plan a new venture, we hope and aim for its growth and expansion with time. Sometimes the business grows faster than expected or more than you have capacity for. Failing your own growth estimates, you will need more server space to reflect your business’s expansion. It helps if you have dedicated server hosting and can easily take more space for your website.

Better Security

Security is of paramount concern. When you contract a dedicated server, you have better security as no other entity except you and your service provider has access to it. You can customize the security protocols as you wish, giving you more control.

Faster Loading Time

One of the chief reasons for a website’s slow loading is sharing server hosting, which could significantly mar its overall performance. It puts off the customers, resulting in higher bounce rates and low engagement. With dedicated server hosting, you are not sharing resources with anyone, automatically optimizing the loading speed.

Private IP Address

In a shared environment, you could be sharing your IP address with other websites. This arrangement automatically lowers your SEO ranking and makes it hard to get an SSL certification. With, dedicated server hosting, however, each server gets its own has IP address, a boon specifically if yours is an ecommerce website where security is essential.

Freedom and Control

One key benefit of dedicated server hosting that merits great emphasis is that it gives you complete freedom to use and manage your server in whatever way you like. Having full authority to your server allows you to choose the software, operating systems, hardware configuration, and other assets you want to use. In a shared server, you are bound by whatever the hosting company offers you.

Features and Services in Dedicated Server Hosting

The following components characterize standard dedicated server hosting services:

Choice of Operating System

A dedicated server allows you to run an operating system (OS) of your choice based on the hosting provider’s offerings. You can then choose the one that is most compatible with your applications and fulfills your requirements.

Hardware Customization

A dedicated server gives you hardware options. You can select the ones that you believe will best run your website smoothly.

Server Specifications

Like hardware and operating systems, a dedicated server gives you complete freedom over the server’s use. You can configure its settings to suit your security and business needs.

Control Panels

A control panel is instrumental in managing your server. You can choose among vanilla, cPanel, or Plesk, according to your business needs.


A dedicated server is safe and secure. It is laced with state-of-the-art safety features provided by the hosting company. These include next-generation firewalls, DDoS protection, virus prevention, among others. It also gives you a dedicated IP address, spam filtering, and SSL certification.


A down server is any website’s worst nightmare. Your server must be available 99% of the time. In case of failure, a good service provider always has a backup plan and bring your website to be up and running again.

Dedicated Technical Support

A good hosting company has a team of highly proficient IT experts always ready to address its clients’ concerns. They are available 24/7 via telephone, email, or chat. Technical support is different from regular customer support as it aims to solve technical issues, not just routine matters.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing Server Hosting

As with every other thing, there are cons attached to outsourcing hosting servers. Some of these can include:

Finding the Best Hosting Service Provider

There are thousands of hosting companies, each one offering seemingly incredible deals. But there is more than meets the eye. Finding the best company with the perfect balance of cost and features can be quite a challenge. To help in your search for a trustworthy and reliable provider, ask for references from industry associations, fellow business owners, or seasoned IT professionals.

Hidden Charges

There may be hidden charges at play here, which you may come to know of later. At that stage, you cannot pull out of the agreement and could end up at the losing end. Before signing the contract, be sure to emphasize to the service provider that all costs be transparent.

Changeover Issues

Switching from a shared to a dedicated server is not always a smooth transition. Disagreements between your IT department and the hosting company may occur, aside from the technical issues.

Privacy Concerns

The server hosting company may ask for access to your IT system and other matters, from time to time, possibly compromising your data security and other confidential business assets.

Why Outsource Hosting?

The advantages of outsourcing your dedicated server hosting needs far outweigh the disadvantages. Ultimately, it’s a decision that enables you to benefit from the latest technology, reduced costs, and better efficiency.

As long as you partner with a service provider with the track record and reputation for excellence and values-based services, you and your staff can focus on strategic growth initiatives and moving the business forward. Secure your business interest by diligently selecting and carefully negotiating the agreement with the server hosting company.

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