Cloud-based technologies are on the rise. With it, managed voice services are on the verge of becoming fundamental in every successful business. Although not currently a popularly used term in Australia, this voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service is slowly becoming a revolutionary way to interact with people. Let us learn more about this developed communication technology, and why your business needs to implement it to support your success.

What Is a Managed Voice System?

A managed voice system integrates hardware, data communication, internet connection, and VoIP into one network. Through this internet system, voice calls are carried to any telephone worldwide. And because it uses internet technology, the call rates are much lower. The system is monitored by a reliable and expert service provider thereby lessening the workload for the business owner and helping reduce costs. Even if your business has 50 lines, the service provider will be able to manage the voice solution.

Benefits of a Managed Voice System

What benefits will your business reap by installing managed voice solutions? Here are some of them:

  • It frees up your IT department from the duty of monitoring the phones 24/7. This will let the IT team focus on more important and complex projects.
  • When you choose PBX solutions, the technology is ruled from the cloud that is managed by the service provider. This helps in cutting the cost of upgrading equipment in the company premises. Moreover, updating the service is as easy as the click of a button.
  • If you opt for managed solutions, you can be sure that your service provider will consist of a team of experts that knows the ins and outs of the job. This will give you the assurance of constant monitoring and upgrading to new features when required.
  • Since the service provider will be managing and monitoring each aspect of the calls, they will be able to control and rectify all the potential failure points before any problem occurs.
  • Finally, the cost of calls and infrastructure needed for it are placed on the shoulders of the service provider, helping you cut your own operational costs.

Elements of a Managed Voice System

A VoIP offers you all the elements and features of communication that traditional phone networks used to offer, but for less the price and more of the features. It offers additional advantages to help your business save time and achieve quick turnaround. Some of the features include voicemail, call transfer and forwarding, call monitoring, recording, call logs, video and audio conferencing, call screening, auto answering, hot desking, and automated attendant. Unlike traditional phone systems that use public networks, managed voice systems use highly secure private IP networks. Therefore, you need not worry about connection quality as it will prioritize your calls amid the voice traffic. The VoIP also ensures that there won’t be any security breaches or communication errors during the call. You only need to migrate the whole system successfully to your department with the help of the experts. It is best to have professionals set up the network for you to ensure proper integration of your internet network to the telecommunication system.

Managed Voice Solutions

  • Hosted Cloud PBX

NST’s hosted cloud PBX solution integrates voice communication with advanced features to provide businesses with one platform and point of contact for delivering multiple benefits. One advantage of a PBX solution is that it eliminates onsite equipment because it is built in the network, thereby reducing long-term costs. This cloud service will offer you easy upgrade options, calling features, mobility, and flexibility not offered by traditional communication lines.

  • SIP Trunk

With this solution, NST uses an existing internet connection and integrates it into one circuit of voice and data. SIP trunk services offer one point of contact and one bill for all local and long-distance communications, significantly cutting your operational expenses. Moreover, it offers a high-quality sound quality while continuing to use existing handset or the phone systems. To learn more about the managed voice solutions and the best resources for your company’s requirements, contact us today.