As cloud computing becomes more ubiquitous in today’s technology, hardware and software provisioning becomes increasingly necessary to support the IT infrastructure. Let’s learn more about it and why you need an expert’s advice.

What is Hardware and Software Provisioning?

Hardware/software provisioning is a process of preparing and setting up the IT network to include next-level services. It also refers to all the steps included in managing and accessing the data or resources and making them available to the systems and the users. HW and SW provisioning is not a configuration process, although it needs configuring in the next step of the development to render the services.

Hardware and software provisioning encompasses several subsets:

• Server provisioning – It is a process of preparing the server for network-based usage.
• User provisioning – It includes creating, maintaining, and deactivating the services that monitor the rights to access and authorization privileges.
• Network provisioning – It involves setting up the network for users, servers, IoT devices, containers, etc.
• Service provisioning – It revolves around setting up the services and managing all the data related to it.

Hardware and Software Provisioning Solutions

At NST, our highly knowledgeable professionals can assist you with selecting and acquiring of hardware and software. Although, we are agnostic when it comes to branding, our experts can make credible recommendations in these aspects:

  • Audit Asset Management
    Before you start setting up and updating your IT infrastructure, NST can assist you with audit asset management solutions – tracking and accessing technologies already you own. We can also help you understand the hardware and software abilities of your IT department. Through this assessment, you can consider re-provisioning, updating, or simply continue with the infrastructure you already own.
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
    The life of IT assets is very limited due to the development and introduction of new technology every day. Because you cannot work with the same IT infrastructure for the rest of your life, planning and managing the lifecycle of hardware and software is a must. You can trust NST to accurately manage the lifecycle of your hardware and software assets using our own asset management platform and processes.
  • Provisioning
    NST has the solid track record in setting up the end-to-end software and hardware needs for your business, from getting the right IT assets at competitive prices to offering a simplified process.

The Importance of Hiring an Expert

Including new updates to the IT infrastructure can be a headache if it is not implemented and managed with professionalism. For this reason, you need expert advice for to properly fulfill the requirements of hardware and software provisioning.

Here are other reasons for hiring a third-party expert in HW and SW provisioning:

  • A professional will help you understand the right updates and matching technology solutions needed for your business and IT infrastructure.
  • The experts are well-versed in the understanding the lifecycle of the assets. They are better equipped to audit the assets you own, and let you know if you can carry on with the status quo or need an update.
  • The professional third-party team also knows the importance of pre-configuring the systems for faster deployment. This reduces the need for downtime, and less loss in the business.

To know more about NST’s hardware and software provisioning solutions and packages, send us a message today.