Why is a service desk so important for businesses in 2019? Before taking a deep dive into the reasons, perhaps it’s fitting to discuss first what a service desk is. According to Techopedia, a service desk is “a type of service designed to support the provision of IT products and services. In particular, when experts refer to a service desk, they are talking about a support service that has certain capabilities related to troubleshooting or calibrating products or services.”

There might also be some confusion on what is a help desk vs. a service desk. Joe the IT Guy explains that “a typical service desk manages incidents and service requests, and also handles communication with the users,” while an “IT help desk provides technical support – for help with an IT issue, help on how to do something, or even help in getting new IT or telephony equipment.” So in a nutshell, while help desks—as their name suggests—provide help, service desks provide services. Another article here in this very blog, “Five Things to Look for in a Service Desk Solutions Provider,” differentiated a help desk vs. a service desk as such: “In a nutshell, helpdesks help end users to fix common technology problems. Service desks, on the other hand, help organizations to ensure that their users are able to use technology to maximize their business goals, including to set processes and best practices. Thus, helpdesks are seen as a component of a larger service-desk solution.”

In this day and age, you would think that businesses would appreciate more what a service desk can bring to the table (pun not intended), but apparently not. In fact, according to an article by enterprise software company Atlassian, some businesses think that—and get ready for this—email is enough. But obviously email will not be enough, and it will never replace how a service desk “improve[s] efficiency and outcomes while providing insight into performance,” according to the article. The article adds: “You might think ‘Hey, we already have the technology to help us, it’s called email’ but while it helps, it doesn’t help enough.” Fair enough.

So let’s go on and discuss why a service desk is important for businesses this 2019.

Businesses Will Enjoy Better Efficiency

Any company, regardless of size, wants to operate efficiently—like a well-oiled machine, humming along smoothly and effortlessly, with every member of the team or organization doing its part. So needless to say, any slowdowns or breakdowns will disrupt this perfectly humming machine. The solution: a service desk that actually enhances your team’s operational efficiency. Think of a service desk as a customer-service gateway that allows the inflowing activity to come into one place.

Companies Will Give Their Customers a Seamless Experience

This is another important reason why a service desk is important for businesses this 2019: clients, naturally, want a seamless and painless experience when they decide to work with any company business. Needless to say, customer service is the number-one priority for many customers, more than anything. It is not surprising, therefore, that potential customers will never think twice about backing out of a sale because of bad customer service. It’s important to have a customer service experience that will be smooth and seamless in order to maintain customers. A good service desk from a reputable IT solutions provider will provide seamless and painless customer service.

Businesses Will Enjoy Increased Productivity

When employees can do their work uninterrupted, free of snags and problems, productivity—naturally—increases. By tapping a reputable IT services provider that can provide you with a service desk, your employees will get the job done faster and with greater ease.

Last But Not the Least, Why a Service Desk Is Important for Businesses in 2019: Companies Will Save Money

How? We’ve already discussed them above: companies will save money this 2019 because, thanks to a service desk, businesses will enjoy better efficiency, they will give their customers a seamless experience, and they will enjoy increased productivity. Collectively, all these benefits will help save companies money.

So what more should you expect from a reputable IT solutions provider’s service desk? A service desk should provide resources to respond to all IT related issues and requests. The team members responding to your business’s customer-service needs should all be highly qualified IT professionals who are well-equipped to deal with challenges. A good service desk should also feature the following: specialist support, web/mail management (including the monitoring, releasing, and managing of emails when necessary), server management, VoIP management, backups and system recovery, patch management, firewall/security management, and more.

NST provides service desk management serves as a gateway to all your company’s support needs. The NST service desk will appear to your organization as an internal team, with intimate knowledge of your company’s IT infrastructure, and will be available 24-7.

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