Can Your Business Survive without a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan?

News publications and websites often report on the IT system problems of big corporations. What you may not realize is that small and medium-sized businesses could be the most vulnerable because their IT protocols are easier to breach. That’s why every business needs to engage a disaster recovery plan as part of their overall business […]

Why Businesses Should Consider a Disaster Recovery Plan in 2019

Why should businesses consider a disaster recovery plan in 2019? There’s a lot to cover before we can answer that question, but it’s a good start to discuss what a disaster recovery plan is. IBM, one of the biggest tech companies in the world, in its Knowledge Center defines disaster recovery as follows: “The objective […]

Why Small Businesses Also Need an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Why do small businesses also need an IT disaster recovery plan? Contrary to what people believe, it’s not just large multinational corporations that need a disaster recovery plan. While it’s true that bigger businesses stand to lose more when IT disasters strike, small businesses would do well to invest in their own disaster recovery plan […]