By some, Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) is seen as a marketing term but it’s gaining traction and emerging as a discrete market because it addresses some key challenges facing many organizations, while also supporting other security and financial objectives.

What is SOCaaS?

SOC-as-a-Service is a managed Security Operations Center (SOC) that provides managed IT services from the workplace to the cloud. NST has created an easy-to-implement solution focused on the needs of Australian organizations. Our platform will enable you to enhance your cyber security detection and response capabilities without conducting expensive staff training or investing in long-term implementation projects.

While most security solutions try to solve the threat detection problem from a particular angle, implementing detection capabilities either at the network, cloud, endpoint, or perimeter level, our platform embraces all your security data, from any environment: cloud, SaaS, network, on-premises, remote, or virtual.

How it Works?

NST provides a fully managed, plug & play experience, transforming machine data into actionable insights and executive-friendly reports. You do not need to maintain multiple security tools and run complex investigations with endless cross-system integrations, as NST establishes the context for all security events in your organization, automatically correlating data from multiple sources.

It takes minutes to deploy our cloud, network, and endpoint sensors which will feed your security data into our cloud platform hosted in Sydney. We offer a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL will full access to all features – you can start now and see your data coming into the platform in real time.

    • Integrate your security data sources into the NST cloud platform in minutes; all data is hosted in Australia.
    • Get your security controls assessment and report in real-time, including Essential Eight maturity levels. Get immediate visibility into your on-premises systems, Office365 and AzureAD.
    • Receive detailed onboarding training and ongoing training sessions for your IT team; your IT system administrators will become experienced security analysts over time.
    • Receive a complimentary monthly meeting to get expert advice on your security posture, cyber risks, preventive technologies, etc.
    • Comply with ISO27001 and NSW Government Cyber Security Policy for detection and response capabilities. Support Australian-owned and made cyber security businesses.

How We Can Assist?

Our solution offering is scalable to your requirement. We can provide a range of products that can be managed in-house with minimal training, offer ad-hoc professional services, or entirely manage ongoing cyber assurance for your organization. Our 24/7 team availability and intelligent sensors/tools assure your environment’s security and integrity. In a worst-case scenario, we are able to respond and contain risks rapidly while working with an existing ICT team.

You will be able to deploy professional SOC and SIEM services in one day, meeting all your compliance obligations and recording and storing logs from all your systems. In addition to this, you will get vulnerability management, Dark Web
monitoring, integrated threat intelligence, security posture management for your cloud accounts, and many other features delivered to you as an integrated solution.

The platform will provide valuable insights from day one, and was used on multiple occasions in government organizations to reveal:

  1. Compromised legacy workstations used by hackers on your network
  2. Compromised Office365 accounts
  3. Unexpected software
  4. Exposed and vulnerable systems
  5. Files with passwords in plain text stored by your users
  6. Insecure external connections
  7. User accounts targeted by hackers, and many other exposures and risks.

Our platform is delivered as a fully managed service, and our team will look after you. In addition to automated 24×7 alerting, our experts will conduct weekly in-depth security reviews (threat hunting) and will report on any unexpected events and other anomalies. We also will host a monthly review & training session, reviewing your cyber risks from the operational perspective and providing our recommendations.

Let NST Become Part of your Team!

NST has decades of track record in managing BCPs for top companies across Australia and the world, providing best practices and compliance to ensure that every plan is up to par with industry standards. NST is here to help you, whether it is a one-off project or you want us to look after all your IT needs. We have the experience and the know-how. Send us a message today to learn more about this service.