VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the present and future of communications. If there is one thing that genuinely represents man’s quest for innovation, it is communication. It has evolved tremendously and for the better. VoIP is among the latest in communication technology iterations. Let us examine its impact on businesses today, especially in COVID-19 and the work-from-home scenario. 

What is Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)? 

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. It is sometimes also referred to as internet telephony or IP telephony. It simply means using the internet to send voice messages and other rich (multimedia) content.  

VoIP uses broadband internet to send or receive calls. It does not rely on conventional telephone lines or cable networks. It is essentially cloud-based technology that is fast making inroads in society. 

Why do Businesses Need VoIP During the Pandemic? 

VoIP was a rising trend even before the pandemic, but during the pandemic, its popularity exploded. The pandemic-induced lockdowns forced people to work remotely. It became an ideal setting for VoIP to grow. Companies understood its utility and began switching towards it for communicating with employees. 

It offered certain advantages over conventional phone lines. For example, it was more reliable, cheaper, and easily accessible. It was all but natural that companies drove to VoIP in droves. 

Why is VoIP Essential Right Now? 

Even after the pandemic, VoIP is still relevant and significant. And its popularity is not that difficult to decipher. The advantages of VoIP are applicable even today when the pandemic is almost gone.  

Now workers prefer to work from home, and VoIP remains a robust and viable platform to communicate with them. Also, as the companies spread out and started hiring people from anywhere in the world, VoIP has become the number one communication choice for many of them.  

The easy deployment of VoIP is another reason behind its popularity and penetration. It makes it easier for smaller companies to start using its services. The cost is minimal, and the benefits far outweigh the costs. Its compatibility with 5G networks makes it more feasible as a communication technology. 

VoIP phones are ideal for video conferencing, automation, and remote working. These trends will continue to define the present and future workspaces. Telecommuting will also remain the cornerstone of many businesses, and VoIP will be there to integrate new communications software into everyday business operations. 

Benefits of Using VoIP and How it Fits in the Future of Business Communications 

As evident from the discussion, VoIP is a valuable technology, and its use is growing with time. Here we highlight some of the benefits of using VoIP and why its role is given in the future of business communications. 

It is economically feasible: 

Many people have this misconception that VoIP will be costlier than a traditional phone-line system. It is not valid. A cloud-based communication system does not require elaborate investments into cables, poles, equipment, etc., so it is cheaper. It can save you up to 65% of your communications budget. And pandemic or no pandemic, every business at any day would love to adopt measures that protect its costs. 

By eliminating the physical infrastructure associated with a traditional phone line system, you also won’t have to spend on its maintenance. It will also bring down the cost—also the govt. Taxes on VoIP are still minimal. You can also use its features like auto-attendant to replace a receptionist. It will again help decrease the costs. 

Lastly, VoIP plans are generally cheaper than a traditional phone system.  

It is flexible: 

You can increase or decrease the scale of VoIP according to your needs and requirements. It is easy and won’t require a massive investment because of a lack of physical equipment. There won’t be any sunken costs if you reduce its scale from the current level. It makes it very flexible to attend to the current business needs. 

Ideal for remote working: 

VoIP is the ideal set-up for you if your organization has a geographically dispersed workforce or operations. It presents a solid communication channel with little chance of any disruption and breakdown. You can depend on it for its effectiveness. Your teams will remain connected with their customers and amongst themselves. 

Faster and dependable: 

VoIP uses broadband internet as a means of communication. You can rely on it for fast communication with crystal clear sounds. Besides voice communication, you can use it to transmit other forms of data. It won’t lag, there will be no call drops, and accurate communications will keep everything working seamlessly. 

Lots of useful features: 

We have discussed the auto customer-attendant feature in VoIP above, but that is not all. There are a host of other handy features that makes VoIP worthwhile. Video team conferencing, three-way dialling, Caller-ID, extension dialling, voice mail, and call transcription, call queuing, call barging, call reports, multi-device call routing, and speed dialling are some of the other useful functions you can enjoy using VoIP. And it is continuously evolving too.  

All these functions also make VoIP ideal for multi-tasking, as VoIP redefines workplaces and communications. 

Increased employee and customer satisfaction: 

VoIP benefits everyone. The employees are more productive at work, can multi-task efficiently, and collaborate virtually with each other smoothly. The customers do not have a loose connection through VoIP; they are happy that their instructions pass on without any hindrance and there is no blockage or disruption along the way. 

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