Where would we all be without Anti-Virus (AV) packages? It is without question the biggest building block to any security suite whether at home or in the largest corporations. By securing your operating systems with an AV program, you close the door to a multitude of potential security leaks. Even the most tech-savvy users can be duped into downloading malware or becoming the victim of identity theft, just by logging on. Sadly, these lessons are still being learned today, so we offer a few important reasons why you need AV protection on all of your critical systems.

Real-Time Protection

Scanning computer systems and networks is a critical part of the AV program. You must have the ability to detect an infected file or program by acting as a shield and then placing any corrupted files in quarantine, preventing them from interacting with the rest of the computer or network. Typically, viruses are acquired by users who download questionable files that are many times deceivingly presented under false pretenses to be something else. A virus can drastically slow down your processing speeds, delete critical and personal files and images, and in the worst case, cause irreparable physical damage to computers or networks.

As mentioned earlier, even the savviest of network geeks are not above downloading corrupt files or visiting scamming sites as hackers have a myriad of tools at their disposal along with getting quite creative in social engineering to allow themselves access into your systems.

Boot-Time Scan

If a virus is sophisticated enough, it can duplicate itself before you can even take action to delete it. However, if the user engages in a “boot-time scan” the AV program can then shut down Windows and restart the computer thus allowing an opportunity to capture the virus. During the reboot (and before Windows re-initializing), the program can then scan the entire hard drive for viruses and other forms of malware and take appropriate action.

Scanning of Individual Files

Worried about a file that you’re not sure is safe?  If you’re not running an AV program, then opening that downloaded file is a gambler’s bet. By running an AV program, you can prevent wide-scale invasions of Trojans and other viruses by simply scanning suspicious files before you open them. You should always take advantage of this function when downloading files from the Internet or receiving them from other individuals that you do not know or trust.

Protection of Sensitive Information

You may even have a virus without ever knowing it.  Many times malware can be introduced through a virus and run on your network using a host of other terminals as a relay for other forms of malware. Moreover, an individual could inadvertently send viruses to anyone in their contact lists thus replicating the malware/virus an infinite number of times. If you are storing sensitive information, then you also risk having your most sensitive information uploaded through networks known as “botnets,” which are known for stealing credit card numbers and other valuable information for criminals who then sell them to third parties. The “Conficker” worm is just but one example of such a virus. While an AV program by itself will not protect your sensitive information, it serves as a basic security building block to help you avert the downward spiral of being compromised by viruses.

Protection from Spyware and Identity Theft

What is spyware and how can it hurt you? Spyware is specifically designed to infect your computer and spy on you. This means, the spyware seeks and attempts to steal all your personal information stored on your computer. Favorite targets include Financial data, passwords, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and anything else the spyware can detect. Worse yet, some spyware is so sophisticated that it runs silently in the background, waiting for you to buy something online. When you enter your credit card number to pay for your purchase, the spyware records and saves your credit card and transfers your sensitive data to the hacker in a remote location. These are the beginning stages of identity theft which can wreak havoc on your personal finances as well as your credit ratings. Be sure to use a reputable AV program that also protects you from spyware.

Protection from Spam

Though spam has been around for ages, it’s still a major problem for those who are not protected.  What a lot of people don’t realize is that if you’re getting flooded with spam seemingly out of nowhere, it’s most likely the result of a virus. With AV protection software installed, seeing spam should be the exception and not the norm. There are many types of anti-virus protection applications to choose from, and the best products offer nearly complete shielding from viruses, spyware, and spam. The experts over at NST are happy to assist you in getting your AV program started!

Robust Antispam Solutions for Business

When it comes to business, the rising tide of spam and viruses can keep any IT team in a constant stream of alarm. Millions of email users are impacted by cybercrime and so today, a growing number of business tools are moving to the cloud, and thus to a hosted anti-spam solution that requests less in-house management.  Anti-spam solutions provide several key benefits, but were you aware of some of these key advantages?

Less bandwidth and storage demand

A hosted anti-spam solution can filter out a malicious and spammed email before it ever hits your server, rather than managing it within your own network. For companies of all sizes, this can provide a significant reduction in bandwidth and storage demand—a huge plus in today’s need for space.

High availability/redundancy

With a hosted anti-spam, you’ll no longer worry about a single point of failure disrupting your company’s email server. Providers of cloud-based anti-spam use multiple internet lines, backup generators, redundant power feeds, and a premium UPS and fire suppression system. This ensures that your email security will always be available even during network outages. With a good vendor, that redundancy is carried forward for multiple storage devices for your archived email.

Both inbound and outbound filtering

Many anti-spam software providers focus primarily on inbound filtering while ignoring the need for an outbound filter. Cybercriminals could then imitate your company’s identity for a phishing campaign thus leaving your company vulnerable.

Improved end-user productivity

By opting for authorized sender lists, end-users only receive messages from members of their email community which ensure e-mails are secure and relevant to the business.  This means fewer reports to IT regarding spam and false emails which frees up employees’ time.

Up-to-the-minute protection

With only a software solution, updates for new threats from spammers employing different IP addresses may take days or even weeks to push out, leaving users exposed. With a hosted solution, anti-spam algorithms are updated constantly.

NST’s Managed Security Support

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