If your business is technology-related, your customers need round-the-clock end-user support to help them be seamlessly productive, and better use IT products and services. End-user support is the assistance you provide to your customers whenever they have any issues with your product or service. End-user support is one aspect of managed support, which encompasses IT-related queries for desktops/laptops, servers, common applications, networks, internet, security, among others.

However, responding to all technical queries satisfactorily is a major challenge. You need a dedicated team of trained professionals that fully comprehends the workings of your IT products and services. It is no mean feat to assemble a technically capable and highly responsive end-user support team. It is a time-consuming and costly exercise. Without it, however, you risk losing your customers, your profits, and your reputation.

Why Offer End-user Support?

As we have highlighted end-user support’s significance and the challenges it poses for your IT business, we will now talk about some of its key benefits. Why is it worth time and effort for your business to implement end-user support? Here are some reasons:

Competitive Edge

A 2018 report by Insight reveals that IT experts that offer end-user support have a competitive advantage and keep the customers happy and satisfied.

Increases Employee Productivity

Having end-user support keeps employees engaged and productive when the IT team is apprised of updates to the programs and applications they use. This works both for the internal and external customers.

Solidifies Customer Loyalty, Increases Profitability

Whenever you fail to address a customer’s issue, you risk losing a valuable client. On the contrary, if you exceed your customer’s expectations of end-user support, you gain loyal customers and possibly retain them for a lifetime. They promote your products and services among their professional and personal circles. In an IT business, end-user support means a lot.

Types of End-user Support

The two major types which are:

  • Customer support
  • Tech support

Under each major type, we discuss the subtypes below:

Customer Support

Customer support entails generic queries that the customer might have about your company or your product and service. It could be a simple price inquiry, information regarding a product, or anything related to your offerings that does not require answers from highly technical professionals or the technical support team. Such inquiries can be handled easily by the front desk employees with product training, etc.

Tech Support

Tech support, as the name suggests, is comprised of technical inquiries and relate to the workings of your product and service. A technical query requires expert handling by professionals who specifically trained for this purpose and is conducted via phone or email. End-user support is classified into three levels:

First Level

It is the most basic level of tech support, where queries are simple and require no deep understanding of the product or service. The support staff has elementary technical knowledge here, yet they need to be very attentive to the customer’s query as it is the first line of contact between a customer and the company. Usually, around 70% of the customers’ issues are solved here.

Second Level

When the first level of technical support is not able to solve it because the problem is more complex, they send it to the second level where the support staff is technically better and more deeply trained. A New York Time’s report concluded that second-level complaints are becoming more complex because the programs are more advanced while users are increasingly more tech savvy.

Third Level

This is the most complex and advanced level of technical support, where the most technically complicated complaint lands. Level 3 staff have full knowledge of the subject and can hire further help if the need arises. At this level, the complaint usually involves a highly customized solution that could not be provided at the earlier levels.

Highly Qualified and Well-Equipped

At NST, the team members responding to your needs are all highly qualified IT professionals who are well-equipped to deal with challenges of end-user support. We also dedicate a delivery manager to ensure that we are delivering our commitment to you, with regular catchups and availability 24x7x365.

Our solutions are secured in a state-of-the-art data center with cutting edge technology and facilities enable us to offer end-user support with speed and efficiency. Our services are based on a deep knowledge and understanding of the customer’s needs. To learn more about our end-user support services, contact us today!