With the internet at your fingertips, you may also be opening some of your business information to prying eyes. To guard against security issues, it is best to implement a managed Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN’s work involves routing all your employee’s internet browsing requests to a secure remote server, which then forwards the request to the world wide web. The remote server fetches the results and sends them back to the employees. This way, cyber criminals tracking your activities will end up with the remote server’s IP address instead of yours, leaving your business secure.

One Step Further: Managed VPN

While VPN services are widely available and can be availed by anyone, service providers have taken the security further by offering managed VPN. If you are running a business dealing with sensitive data, a managed VPN service is highly recommended. A trustworthy and reliable service provider will help you choose the right solutions to guarantee none of your information will be stolen.

Why Managed VPN?

You have been running your business smoothly without a managed VPN for years. Why would you need one now? You don’t, if you can spare your data and employee information without any repercussions. But if you can’t afford to let such sensitive information fall into the wrong hands, consider the following benefits of a managed VPN:

Better Security

For your increased security, a managed VPN service will be your best bet, who provide reliable VPN services with guaranteed anonymity. How do you choose a trustworthy managed VPN service provider who can offer the best security and avoid the shady providers? During your negotiations and due diligence, ask for referrals and testimonials. Check for their track record.

Change Regions

Sometimes, all it takes is to access a special discounted software. Unfortunately, the discount is sometimes available to specific countries or regions. A managed VPN service will help you avail such discounts and access the VPN. This is useful especially for mobile workers who must travel for work and smaller businesses branches in remote areas.

Customized Costs

A fixed managed VPN package may cost a bit higher if you are paying for features you don’t need. Go with the provider that can customize the services according to your needs and save your business a lot of money.

Dodge Advertisers, Save Face

With a managed VPN, you can avoid the prying gaze of the advertisers tracking your activities, ready to send you spam email and inappropriate advertisements. As a result, it saves you the email storage space, the inconvenience, and the face among your work peers.

Bypass Restrictions

Some governments exercise heavy censorship and restrict visits to certain websites. However, your business may require less restrictive internet access. A managed VPN lets you bypass those restrictions and access all the data you need.

Prevent Cyber Attacks

Even if a hacker ardently attempts to track your company’s activities through a managed VPN service, he will succeed in attacking only the VPN server because of the anonymity the managed VPN service offers. This way, you remain secure from any cyber threats and ensure your business’ well-being.

How to Choose a VPN Service

To find a trustworthy managed VPN service provider for your business, get referrals from your business counterparts about a company with the solid track record and reputation that can offer a customized package at a reasonable cost. You may also contact NST to learn more about our Managed VPN services from an accredited representative. Send us a message today!