Working from home (WFH) comes with many benefits, but also challenges that fortunately a Managed Office 365 and cloud technology can address.

Challenges to Working from Home

Office-based businesses are facing struggles as they transitioned employees to a WFH arrangement. One challenge was supporting employees to stay productive, connected, and capable of file sharing outside of the office environment.

Additionally, the lack of security in home-based internet connections could result in reduced efficiency and delayed services to clients and customers.

Managed Office 365 to the Rescue

While Office 365 has existed for about a decade, it is only now that individuals and businesses are realizing and appreciating its advantages.

Operating on Microsoft Office 365 has greatly eased the WFH woes. This suite of familiar Microsoft solutions and productivity tools – for instant messaging, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, database, file storage and access, among others – is solely maintained on a 24/7 cloud, enabling workers to stay productive anytime and anywhere. The suite also comes with attendance and reporting sheets, allowing the administration or human resources to keep track of work hours and performances of their employees.

However, not all companies are equipped to manage Office 365 in-house, especially startups and small teams.

Thus, employing a third-party provider that offers Managed Office 365 service becomes imperative. With a Managed Office 365, all issues related to WFH could be addressed using business-grade tools at a predictable monthly cost.

Available only on the cloud or hybrid-cloud configurations, a Managed Office 365 service fully integrates with your internal Active Directory security. The service provider adds value by managing integration and accounts, while adding monitoring and backup solutions to ensure that the solution meets your business demands. Performance and availability are reported monthly.

Work with a Specialist

Managed Office 365 is best left to the experts. Find a provider that offers no-fuss contracts at a fixed price, as well as full IT infrastructure, software provision and support, and a solid track record of experience.

NST offers Managed Office 365 services for businesses of any size. With fixed rate contracts, you can get worry-free services. Having more than 20 years of IT experience, NST owns comprehensive technology to address all kinds of client needs.

Let NST help you adapt to new business practices with our Managed Office 365 services. Contact us today to learn more.