Outsourcing IT services has proven to be effective in optimizing operations and businesses by supporting not only in streamlining core functions but also in opening opportunities for specialized skills and assets. Managed cloud is one such offering under NST’s IT management services, ensuring that enterprises can access their data and software anywhere at any time.

NST is an authority in outsourced IT solutions, whether for single projects or long-term services. Its major offerings include IT support, business security, and cloud service. If you are considering hiring professionals to manage your cloud, here is a quick guide that may help you decide if it’s the right fit for your business.

What Is Managed Cloud?

The cloud is a global network of servers that runs applications, manages and stores data, and delivers services or content. It is a vast ecosystem that can easily be navigated when you avail of managed cloud from experts and trustworthy service providers.

Managed cloud, as a service, is the practice of hiring a trusted third party to manage a company’s cloud experience. The service is delivered via the internet using a pay-as-you-go model. Enterprises often choose to have their cloud experience managed to reduce the need for in-house hiring and training, as well as eliminating the need to establish costly data servers and centers, consequently lowering the overhead costs.

What Services Comprise NST’s Managed Cloud Offering?

NST offers services under its managed cloud offering, all of which are fully managed and regularly reported to bring the client up to speed with the performance of the service.

Managed Office 365

NST’s Microsoft Office 365 experts scope out, procure, and deploy best practices to ensure that you can use popular Microsoft desktop applications even when you are on the move. With this service, you employees can freely work from home, on the road, or at the office.

They will also be able to access collaboration and communication tools from the cloud such as SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Skype for Business, allowing your business to scale up or down depending on the specific apps your enterprise requires.

Managed Backup

NST’s managed backup service is a fully managed cloud service hosted in Australia. This offering collects data from all your business devices – computers, smartphones, dedicated servers, and tablets – encrypts and saves copies of these data at a regular schedule. This fully automated and online service also enables quick recovery of files.

Managed IAAS

Managed IAAS offers the use of Microsoft Azure and VMware to give your business access to computing resources in real-time without having to establish and operation your own onsite data center. This managed service protects your applications and data, securing your business on the cloud.

Benefits of NST’s Managed Cloud Service

Incorporating managed cloud into your business operations can provide many benefits such as:

  • Cost management. Managed cloud services operate on a pay-what-you-use scheme, eliminating the need to shell out significant investments in building on-premises infrastructure, eventually reducing costs.
  • Agility and versatility. In-house employees can focus more on their core tasks since cloud-based duties are handled by experts.
  • Centralized network. Your company’s remote workers can draw up the centralized data from the hosting server, elevating performance through increased network availability.
  • Disaster recovery and management. Managed cloud services ensure that your business is prepared for disasters such as data breaches or hacks on while keeping downtime to a minimum.
  • Round-the-clock operation. Data is accessible 24/7, so users don’t need to wait for office hours to call up any file or document.
  • Scalability. Expanding storage and additional services as needed is simple and efficient.

Outsource to NST

NST’s managed cloud services simplify the complexity of managing cloud operations while delivering the latest solutions and innovations. If you are keen on adopting a cloud strategy, you can rely on NST to provide the service at an affordable cost. Contact us today!