In essence, Managed Support means a dedicated team administering support protocols so businesses can provide the best services for customers. However, in an IT sense, Managed Support can have layers of definitions consisting of several elements.

The IT environment is now more competitive than ever, and customers expect prompt and efficient delivery of support when they need it. More companies are now leveraging managed services to cut IT costs and enable a professional shift to the cloud. Managed support is one such aspect under the virtualization model that allows enterprises to keep up with business demands, even when they do not have the on-site workforce to maintain, update or repair the IT infrastructure.

Below are some of the services that NST offers under Managed Support and how these can help reinforce your company’s IT support requirements.

Managed IT Support

Managed IT support is a convergence of IT solutions tailored to the unique requirements of a company. For instance, an accountancy firm will have different IT needs than a fast-food company. The size and type of business will determine what specific services would be rendered.

Regardless of the nature of the business, there are three necessary M’s delivered by managed IT support:

Management. NST assigns a dedicated manager that offers support to end-users, servers, devices, shared applications, internet, networks, phone systems, security, cloud initiatives, data backup and on-site support.

Monitoring. A company’s IT system is a critical area that demands attention. According to IBM, it takes 206 days to identify a security breach. NST’s managed IT support ensures that the company’s IT systems are closely monitored, with 24/7 availability and regular catch-ups. You get up-to-date information about your IT network to ensure compliance with industry standards and protocols.

Maintenance. A Symantec study released in 2018 showed that connected cameras and routers were some of the most infected Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Reducing IT costs is possible if the company observes proper maintenance of the hardware and software. In addition to regularly updating IT security, NST’s managed IT support encompasses the maintenance of devices to ensure business continuity and protection against attacks.

Managed Desktop Support

Sustainable growth in companies stems from well-managed customer services. A Customer Service Expectations Survey conducted in 2018 revealed that 68% of buyers would pay more to experience better customer service. Sitecore also published a whitepaper showing that for every US$ 1 invested in better customer experience, a US$ 3 ROI is expected. These figures show that companies need to allocate funds to ensure a robust service desk.

The NST Service Desk is an amalgamation of resources and professionals working together to address IT-related requests and issues. The dedicated team handling a client’s service desk consists of highly qualified experts who know the ins and outs of managed desktop support delivery.

Services offered by the NST Service Desk include user account management, file, and email recovery and backup, anti-virus and patching services for security, mobile device management and end-user support.

Prepaid Support

According to the US Small Business Administration (SBA), 60% of businesses that have fewer than 10 employees, have difficulty finding the right talent. As such, many small and medium-sized businesses find it difficult to invest in a comprehensive IT system and support, with 27% of SMBs skipping this business-critical function.

NST is dedicated to filling this lack by providing a flexible approach to engaging IT professionals into the workforce of a company in need of support services. The NST Prepaid Support is a service that allows customers to buy blocks of IT support hours and use these hours as needed.

Clients can hire a dedicated NST professional to help with a unique task such as back-filling the working staff, patching a particular software or delivering a project on a specific timeframe.

Project Services

Artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), 5G, and more emerging technology trends are set to overtake the economy this year and beyond. According to Spiceworks, new AI-powered business models are expected to triple by 2021, while two-thirds of large businesses are planning to utilize 5G technology in 2021. Companies must choose the right provider with the resources and staff to make these upgrades seamless and efficient.

NST’s Project Services enables clients to implement application platform and IT infrastructure projects with the help of a dedicated project manager and a team that will assist your company design, set the scope and deliver the project efficiently and cost-effectively.

Peace of Mind with NST Managed Support

NST provides clients with fuss-free IT support that puts customer satisfaction at the forefront of service delivery. Our company is fully equipped with comprehensive, up-to-date technology and highly experienced professionals who can respond to the specific needs of the client. When you choose NST, you also select quality Managed Support services from a company with over 20 years of expertise. Message us today to learn more.