The era of digital connectivity has changed the way companies do business. The battle for best customer experience by providing end-user computing support has begun. Many decades ago, the approach to products and services focused on quality and tangible customers benefits. Today, the emphasis has shifted to highlighting the organizations, with ads featuring the positive experience customers can enjoy when availing their product or service.

In the last few years, optimised end-user or customer experience (CX) has become a competitive field. Research firm Gartner revealed that 50% of the organisations that responded to their survey were able to track their CX projects’ financial benefits.

With this in mind, NST works to provide excellent computing support to end-users, enhancing customer experience through high-quality service desk capabilities.

End-user Computing Support

Computing support, or technical support as it’s often called, is provided to computer users who encounter issues in their hardware or software, whether on the PC, network or other systems and devices in the IT infrastructure.

Computing support services require expertise and extensive experience in computer science. Companies can have their technical support team, while others opt to hire third-party service providers like NST to ensure seamless coverage of computing support for end-users.

The primary motivation for hiring third-party technical staff is to provide 24/7 service via phone or email that customers can easily access. The service provider can deploy a professional technician who can immediately answer queries and resolve issues to deliver customer satisfaction.

How NST Delivers Computing Support

NST provides tailored services depending on client needs. These services include dedicated communication channels like phone, email or chat support that end-users can contact when they need assistance. As soon as an NST receives the request, the expert technician will promptly address the issue.

The client-technician correspondence is then logged into the IT service management (ITSM) system to capture the details of the call. Most of the time, technicians can remotely access a user’s computer using integrated software to the service desk services. Remote access helps solve complex technical problems as it allows the expert to view what’s happening and gain first-hand control of the device.

When the problem is satisfactorily resolved, the end-user will be asked to close the logged incident. The NST Service Desk also provides incident analysis and regular reporting, and designs and manages computing support processes using best practices based on ITIL.

The Service Desk team at NST also has dedicated IT engineers who specialize in various IT disciplines.

Applying Best IT Practices

Every client call is unique and therefore needs specific solutions, but here are standard best practices used by NST to ensure that every customer gets the help they need:

Multichannel Support

Instant messaging allows businesses to use social media as a form of communication. Service desk providers like NST provide multichannel support to give end-users have options such as call, chat, email or other means.

No Long Wait

Customers can’t be held waiting for hours on end, because it won’t end well for the business. Around 51% of customers who have had just one bad experience will never come back to buy or use the offers of that company. Therefore, it’s important to have 24/7 computing support availability.

Hire Talent

One of the critical factors service desks become successful is the employment of professionals who have amassed experience and expertise in computing support. For instance, NST has technicians and IT engineers on the service desk staff to ensure that all areas of computing support are covered. Hiring top talent guarantees high-quality responsiveness and customer service for end-users.

Track Customers, Manage Routine Tasks

NST logs customers calls on the ITSM system. This data capture function streamlines the way information is stored and accessed. When the logged issues are resolved, technicians will be able to pull up the necessary data when a similar problem occurs.

Benefits of NST End-user Computing Support

Managing the IT environment of a company is a challenge if there isn’t a dedicated support staff that takes care of everything from compliance to disaster recovery to security. NST strives to be a one-stop solution for all IT needs and can provide these benefits to customers:

  • Simplifying IT support using a single point of contact
  • Better accessibility to technicians and faster resolution of issues
  • Reduced costs in mitigating risks and troubleshooting IT problems
  • Real-time management of devices to prevent extensive losses
  • Improved end-user satisfaction
  • Failure-proof solutions that protect data and operations
  • Prevent legal issues like non-compliance in software licensing
  • Scalable computing support to increase productivity and efficiency
  • Regular reporting and call logging and further data analysis

Know More about NST

NST is robust service desk provider that employs a highly trained professional team to handle computing support for end-users. With the latest and relevant technologies in place, NST is a trusted name in the industry. Contact us today!