Why should small businesses outsource IT services this 2019? Influential US business magazine Entrepreneur, in an article titled “Here’s How to Know When You Should Outsource,” poses three important questions for whether your small business will benefit from outsourcing, not just IT in particular, but outsourcing in general. These three questions are:

  • Will it propel your business forward?
  • Will it boost your team’s capabilities?
  • Will it make your team more efficient?

The article adds that “thanks to technology, outsourcing has become an affordable option — especially for smaller companies and entrepreneurs with little capital to burn” and that “these days, outsourcing helps companies of all sizes shore up skills gaps in their teams, boost efficiency and sharpen their focus.”

Digital media company Business.com seems to agree in its own article titled “Top IT Outsourcing Trends for 2019,” when it wrote that, “The demand for contract IT talent will increase as more businesses take advantage of outsourcing instead of hiring specialists in-house.” The writer of the article also added that “as the gig economy grows, more and more businesses will look to hire independent contractors for their IT and software development needs. For software developers and businesses, understanding the future trends in IT outsourcing is important for succeeding in the industry.”

The article then proceeded to outline the top IT outsourcing trends for 2019, which include the following: multiple, specialized outsourcing partners; the emergence of alternative IT outsourcing options; new contract models; intelligent automation of manual processes; progressive web apps; and smart software.

Beyond the trends, let’s take a look at some of the good reasons why small business should outsource IT services this 2019.

IT Outsourcing Benefits

1. Your Small Business Will Reduce Labor Costs

The most obvious advantage of outsourcing IT services this 2019 if you are a small business is the savings your company can enjoy. Outsourcing has been around for some time now, and it has always been synonymous with savings. This is true most especially if you factor in the costs of hiring and training in-house IT staff, and maintaining an entire IT team. It is therefore in the best interest of any small business owner, cost-wise, to outsource its entire IT department.

2. Your Small Business Gets Access to IT Experts

From the onset, companies outsourced some of their teams to reduce operational costs and be able to focus on the mission-critical aspects of their business. Over time, companies discovered other advantages to outsourcing, one of which is being able to work with IT partners and integrate external services. With outsourcing, you immediately have access to these IT experts for your business. This alone is already a huge win for your company.

3. Your Small Business Will Have Access to the Latest Software Technologies

Everything has its pros and cons. On one hand, setting up an IT team for your small business means shelling out money for employees’ salaries and benefits, and setting up facilities to support them. You also need to factor in the technology costs involved. On the other hand, outsourcing your IT team gives you access to these technologies at the outset, with your outsourced employees more than happy to integrate and implement these technologies for you.

4. Your Small Business Will Eliminate IT Infrastructure Costs

Small business owners also enjoy reduced IT infrastructure costs when outsourcing. These costs include IT networks, servers, security, storage, and a host of other components. All these will cost a small business owner a fortune. When you decide to outsource, you won’t need to worry about these costs because they will all be shouldered by the IT solutions provider that you partner with.

5. You Get 24×7 Support and Proactive IT Monitoring

A reputable IT services provider will always provide clients with 24×7 support, enabling small businesses to become more proactive in monitoring their IT systems. The outsourced IT team will place sufficient preventative measures so you can avoid major incidents that can negatively impact your business.

Getting Started

Do you want to benefit from reduced costs in general, access to IT experts and cutting-edge technologies, reduced labor and IT costs, 24×7 support, and proactive IT monitoring?

What are you waiting for? With NST’s host of IT services and products, you can choose the specific IT service that is tailor-made for your small business’s needs. Contact us to learn more.

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