Why is outsourcing IT services a great idea? Before we go ahead and answer this question, it is important to understand that no two businesses are alike and that every company will need flexible options for their IT requirements. For instance, a reputable IT outsourcing company—even before showing a potential client (you, by the way) the IT services they are offering—should be offering IT support programs that you can choose from. These IT programs, for example, can be à la carte services (for those clients who want to customize their support and service needs to be directly related to their critical business services at a cost-effective price), proactive support (for clients who want to align their business initiatives to the outsourcing vendor’s IT technology), or a fully managed program (usually an IT outsourcing company’s premium program), which involves the outsourcing vendor providing total IT support and management to the client.

A reputable IT outsourcing company, aside from providing these IT support programs, for example, should also be able to provide the following services: service desk, end-user support, business security, disaster recovery, cloud services, hardware and software provisioning, network and telecommunications, mainframe access and modernization, and more.

Now that we’ve discussed briefly what a business can expect from an IT outsourcing provider, let’s dive a bit deeper and answer the question posed at the beginning of this article: why is outsourcing IT services a great idea?

Read on.

1. You Gain Access to IT Experts

One of the most important reasons why outsourcing IT services is a great idea is that you get access to full-time IT professionals who are skilled, experienced, and experts at what they do. The fact of the matter is, many businesses—big or small—decide to outsource IT services because there is a dearth of talent that can be hired in-house. Just the fact that you have access to these IT experts for your business is a huge win for your company already—considering that they will essentially work for you full-time, regardless of them being in a remote office thousands of miles away.

2. You Gain Access to the Latest Cutting-Edge Technologies for Your Company—at a Fraction of the Cost

One of the big downsides to setting up your own in-house IT department is that you will not only need to spend on the salaries and benefits of the IT specialists you are going to hire, but you also need to factor in the costs involved to give your IT department the best in cutting-edge technology. The upside of hiring an outsourced IT team and why outsourcing IT services is a great idea is that the IT professionals working for you will have access to these technologies at the outset (which you don’t have to pay an extra fee for, by the way), and are experts on how to integrate and implement these technologies for you.

3. You Enjoy Reduced Labor Costs

This is perhaps the most obvious advantage as to why outsourcing IT services is a great idea. Outsourcing has been around for many years now, and it has always been synonymous to cost savings. One of the biggest rewards of IT outsourcing is that you can save your business a huge amount of money. This is especially true when you factor in the costs of hiring and training in-house IT staff and maintaining an entire IT department. It is still in your best interest, therefore, cost-wise to outsource an entire IT team—you essentially get your own IT department (wherever they may be situated in the globe) but at a fraction of the cost.

4. You Enjoy Reduced IT Costs

This point is directly connected to the previous one. In the above point, we discussed how you can enjoy reduced labor costs as a direct result of outsourcing your IT team; here we talk about the fact that you can also enjoy reduced IT costs when you outsource. When we talk about IT costs here, we mean the installation of IT infrastructure with networks, servers, security, storage, and an entire host of other components—all these can cost a fortune. When you outsource, obviously, you won’t need to worry about these costs because they will all be shouldered by the IT solutions provider that will work with you.

5. You Get 24-7 Support and Proactive IT Monitoring

A reputable IT services provider will always provide clients with 24-7 support. In addition, businesses need not be “reactive” when it comes to their IT departments. This is because an outsourced team will provide proactive monitoring to clients so that there are sufficient preventative measures in place to avoid major incidents that can impact a business financially.

The Bottom Line

We’ve discussed the biggest reasons why outsourcing IT services is a great idea: you gain access to IT experts, you gain access to the latest cutting-edge technologies for your company—at a fraction of the cost, you enjoy reduced labor and IT costs, and you get 24-7 support and proactive IT monitoring.

So, is IT outsourcing also a great choice for your business?

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