Why do businesses need online data backup? The simple answer is that, in this day and age, new threats to data—precious data belonging to both employees and customers—are emerging and that the only fool-proof way to protect this data from viruses, theft, and any unforeseen disasters is to back up your files in the cloud.

And why not take advantage of one of the biggest improvements brought by the digital age, which is cloud data storage? The truth is, although traditional data-storage practices are still implemented among businesses today, having an online backup in the cloud has become the most popular option to take in order to keep your data safe.

So let’s talk a bit more about cloud backup. In a nutshell, cloud backup is the method by which data and applications on a business’s servers are backed up and stored on a remote server. Companies usually opt to back up to the cloud in order to keep files and data readily available in the event of a system failure, an outage, or natural disaster. A reputable IT service provider can offer cloud backup services for businesses wherein the company’s data and files are copied and stored in a server located in a different physical location. A company can back up some or all of its server files, depending on its preference.

Let’s dive a little deeper and discuss why businesses need online data backup.

1. You Get an Additional Level of Security for Your Company’s Data

One of the obvious advantages of having an online backup for your businesses is that it provides you with an additional level of security. When your data is backed up and stored online or in the cloud, this gives you the reassurance that the information that you need will be within your reach anytime, even in the event that your local storage system malfunctions, especially during business hours.

It goes without saying that relying purely on local data storage can have detrimental results for any business because, in the event of a malicious cyber-attack, loss of data can be catastrophic. The only way to prevent this, really—and by extension, it can improve the way you do your business as well—aside from upgrading your IT infrastructure, is upgrading your data storage system. With an advanced IT system and a solid data storage in place—through data storage in the cloud—you can run your business with peace of mind.

2. You Can Access Your Company’s Files—From Anywhere

Another big advantage of cloud services and why your business needs online data backup is the convenience that you get in being able to access all your business information from anywhere, without requiring you to step inside your office. One of the most widely used methods of accessing data outside of your office, through cloud services, is through your own web browser. And you can do this from the comfort of your own home or virtually from anywhere through the use of any kind of device—you can use a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop. Indeed, users can easily search for the file that they need to access in the cloud, anywhere, 24/7.

But more importantly, what does this mean for your business? This can actually help improve your company’s corporate flexibility and agility. The fact that cloud storage gives you the power to access data and documents from anywhere means that you can, for instance, pull up a spreadsheet from the comfort of your home, access important company financials from a hotel boardroom, or check in on the progress of an ongoing project while flying at 50,000 feet (coach or business class doesn’t really matter). In other words, businesses need online data backup and storage because it gives them access to the information they need when they need it.

3. Your Data Is Encrypted

You might be thinking: “I can access my data from anywhere, well and good, but is it safe?”

Good question. And you actually have every right to be concerned about your data. But you need not to worry because all the important data from your business that goes into the cloud will undergo encryption. Sure, you will be able to conveniently access your data anywhere, but through encryption, all your files are guaranteed to be safe. A reputable and trusted IT solutions company providing cloud services will have a system in place that will encrypt the information or data or content in a way that only authorized parties—in other words, you—will be able to view. This process will prevent malicious hackers from accessing important information from your business’s database. The encrypted data will make use of an encryption algorithm that can only be read once decrypted by the right system and the correct party—again, in other words, you. This encryption ensures that your data is always kept safe and secure—anywhere you are.

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