An important element to a fully-functioning IT infrastructure in a company is its support system. An advanced IT system alone does not function on its own. It needs a solid support system in order to work its fullest. Enforcing strong IT support practices ensures that every part of your IT infrastructure is working at optimal performance, and will help reduce critical issues with your day-to-day operations.

Employing certified and highly skilled IT personnel is only the first step to establishing that support system. The next crucial step is to identify and implement the best IT practices that fit your company’s current IT infrastructure. Few business owners realize the importance of having a good support system for their company’s IT structure. And a small slip or error can cause an alarming damage and disrupt important day to day transactions.

To get you started, we have compiled for you the top ten best IT support practices that are fitting for any kind of business in the market.

It starts with the basic IT support practices


Any effective IT system starts with the basic maintenance practices. The habit of switching off desktops and replacing run-down computer parts are just a few of the most fundamental IT support practices that help form a good IT structure. Not only will these prevent an increase in business costs and delays in service delivery, it will also increase the IT system’s performance. One of the top reasons why IT systems run smoothly, is because of well-maintained computer equipment.

First contact basis


Properly addressing technical issues will consume time and resources, but this does not mean you have to delay any remedies that could be done upon initial contact. IT professionals recommend using readily available tools and resources to provide solutions upon the discovery of a glitch or problem in the infrastructure.

Although such “first-aid” solutions do not often solve the entire problem, it is crucial in keeping the system up and running until proper measures will be taken. This will prevent any data loss or security breaches from happening while the system is reportedly down.

Research is important


If all available resources have been exhausted, and you still find it difficult to come up with a solution, it’s time to escalate the issue.  Treat every issue with in-depth understanding. A company does not run on a single and simple IT infrastructure. In fact, a simple IT system might be composed of two or three more infrastructures such as a CRM and a Cloud backup.

These systems are intricately connected with each other and can easily be affected should a problem arise. Research gives you a deeper understanding how to create solutions that will prevent such dilemmas from arising in the future.

It is a team effort


Solving IT problems is not limited to only IT personnel.

In fact, not many business owners know that it is a team effort. Solutions can be made if key individuals from different departments will proactively assist in the efforts as well. It is also important to remember to empower your IT department. Looking through an intricate system of networks is tricky and time-consuming and they too need the support they can get from other team member as well.

It is important that they also need the full cooperation of all individuals impacted. Not many company owners realize that the core of a successful IT structure lies in its support. This is why it is essential in helping formulate an immediate course of action.

Do not forget to document every activity on the system


Never rely on verbal agreements and on sticky notes to jot down important pieces of information. Worst case scenario is that you might end up losing relevant and critical information that could easily solve your problems. This is why documentation is a vital practice for IT Support.

Most businesses utilize ticket documentation to record particular issues encountered by those individuals affected by an IT problem. The documentation is critical in determining the real cause of the problem, and in formulating the right solutions to correct it.

IT support is integral to the survival and longevity of a business. Without proper care and maintenance, the IT infrastructure would crumble and inevitably halt business operations. Some business owners often forget that many transactions rely heavily on the IT system and devote little to no time at all to properly enforce it support practices.

This is where companies that provide IT support comes in.

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