One of the biggest improvements brought by the Digital Age is data storage. Although traditional data storage practices are still implemented among businesses, having an online backup has become the most popular option to take for keeping your data safe.

A major advantage of why having an online backup is highly preferred by businesses, is that it provides them with an additional level of security. Online data gives business owners the reassurance that their information will be within their reach should their local storage system malfunction, especially during business hours.

Relying purely on local data storage can have detrimental results as there is a higher risk of suffering from cyber attack and loss of data. Improve the way you do your business by upgrading your IT infrastructure, and most importantly, your data storage system. With an advanced IT system and a solid data storage in place, running your business will be stress-free.

What is an Online Backup?

An online backup, or more commonly known as a cloud backup, is a kind of IT service that provides users with a system mainly for backup and storage of computer files.

This IT storage system is typically built around a business or a client’s software program, and it is responsible for data collection. This collection is entirely dependent on how the system is programmed by the IT personnel. This can also vary as some companies collect and save data once a day, while others run on a 24/7 schedule. The data collected is compressed, encrypted and transferred to a chosen service provider’s server or another off-site system.



What are its top features?

Our reliance on technology is clearly defined by how we utilize it even for the simplest task such as communicating with fellow employees or with a supplier, and it does not come as a surprise, that we turn to technology to secure invaluable business data. Generally, an online backup is known as a storage system, yet few individuals are aware that online backup offers more than just that. Here are some other top features of having a data backaup.

Data Encryption

Collected information undergoes the process of encryption. The system encodes a particular message or information in a way that only authorized parties will be able to view the content. It prevents interceptors from accessing important information from your business’ database. The encrypted data makes use of an encryption algorithm that can only be read once decrypted by the right system and the correct party. This encryption ensures that your data is always kept safe and secure.

Access Your Files Wherever You Are

Online services give you the convenience to access all information without requiring you to step inside your office. One of the most widely used methods of accessing data outside of your office, is through your own web browser. Users can easily search for the file that they need to access in the cloud 24/7.

Data Synchronization

One of the biggest advantages of incorporating an online backup is synchronization. This feature allows individuals access to important data in one specific location. The online library of information can be easily accessed by all key personnel in an organization, thereby increasing productivity in the workplace and keeping everyone in your team in sync.

Off-Line Backup

Another interesting feature of this online backup service, is that it allows you to create daily backup versions of information even without the use of the internet. This is done by performing backups onto a local media device, such as a flash drive, and synchronizing it with the main server. The best part of this feature is that the offline changes made on the files will still be saved once the internet connection is restored.

Continuous Backup Protection

Online backup services can be programmed when to get and how to store information. Businesses can opt to program their backup system either by manually backing up their storage or through a set schedule. Depending on the need and nature of your business, this flexibility gives companies the flexibility to maximize their day to day operations.

Is Online Backup good for your business?

Data is crucial to a business’ success and having a cloud backup or online service is an indispensable tool for businesses today. With all of its features, it gives companies the leverage in improving the way the business is managed and it provides security against unwanted cyber attacks.


Losing data is detrimental as the damages can be costly for the company. Delays in service delivery and loss of customer data are just two of the effects that come from having unsecured data storage. Not only does a cloud backup save the company from unwanted damages, but it also helps businesses streamline day to day operations. And it is through these streamlined operations that businesses can unleash their full potential.

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