Is outsourcing IT services in Sydney the wave of the future for small businesses in Australia? According to a recent economics study, companies in Australia that have less than 300 employees have taken the lead when it comes to outsourcing it services. One of the main causes of this trend is the money saving factor. Companies that choose to outsource their IT services ended up having cost savings of 25% to 40%. That’s huge!

What is IT Outsourcing?


IT outsourcing is a phrase used to describe the act of subcontracting outside the company’s organizational structure to perform Information Technology functions. These functions can range from infrastructure to business security, maintenance, and end user support.  In most cases, a company may outsource some, if not all, of its IT services to a third party because it is much cheaper and much more convenient than building its own in-house management team.

Why You Should Outsource IT Services in Sydney


There are numerous reasons why more and more companies in Australia are choosing outsourcing as a means to supplement their current need for IT support. Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the advantages of outsourcing IT services.

Reduce Labor Costs

As mentioned earlier, many enterprises choose to outsource due to the cost saving advantages. Often times, a growing company reaches a level in which they need to upgrade their current IT infrastructure and they have two options: either they hire in a whole line of new staff and invest in expensive hardware and software, or they outsource to an organization that already has staffing and infrastructure set in place – most choose the latter option.

Controlling IT Costs

Aside from the cost saving advantages, outsourcing converts fixed costs that will allow you to budget more effectively. There will not be any hidden “surprises” and you will know what you are getting yourself into upon signing a contract. This make planning your month business expenses much easier to calculate.


When a company chooses to outsource, they are able to build a business that scales. This is because they are not stuck dealing with mundane back-end office tasks that can be easily handled by trained service desk technicians. This directly translates into having addition resources to focus on core competencies, giving you more flexibility and opportunities to scale properly.

Reduction of Risk

Any type of business investment comes along with a bit of risk. Taking in factors like quickly changing technologies, your competition, the fluctuation of the market, and other financial conditions – outsourcing takes the hassle and worry out of unforeseen events such as these. Doing business with a dependable IT outsourcing company in Sydney will ensure that risk is properly managed by professionals that are trained with specific industry knowledge for both compliance and security issues.

Compliance and Security Issues

Speaking about compliance and security, are you 100% sure that you meet all government regulations and that proper security standards have been put into place? It is much more convenient to outsource a company that is familiar with all of the ins and outs of issues like firewall management, 24/7 monitoring for security threats, and providing secure options for all of your sensitive data, not only for your company, but for your clients as well.

Trained and Experienced Staff, Certified to Do the Job Right

If you did not come from an IT background, and you haven’t been trained in all of the complex details that comes with the field, how can you assure that your employees are qualified to do their job properly? That is why it is essential that you only deal with trained professionals that hold certifications like the ITIL, Microsoft certified partners, and Cisco partners. Outsourcing a company that has staff holding these certifications will definitely give you the advantage you need to bypass the competition.

Quickly Implement New Technologies

It is essential that when your business is adapting to new technology, you are able to transition very quickly. By outsourcing your IT services, your business is able to take on new projects immediately. For companies that have their own in-house IT staff, it may take weeks or even months for employees to hire the right staff, get them trained properly, and provide them with the support that they need. Outsourcing leads to a direct savings of both time and money in this scenario.

Increased Efficiency

Companies that try to take on all of their IT services in-house spend a great deal more time in research, development, and implementation stages. This can be caused by limited experience and resources. The extra time and resources needed will become an additional cost for your company, and ultimately, will be passed down to your clients.

Level the Playing Field

It is nearly impossible for small business to match the It services that a larger company is able to afford. In the past, this gave the “big dogs” a huge advantage by essentially brushing away smaller business with advanced technology and superior resources. However, when a smaller company chooses to outsource, they have access to the same technology and the same staffing solutions as larger companies. This essentially levels the playing field and makes it possible for small business to keep up.

You are Prepared for Disasters

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing is the peace of mind you get when you know that not only is your data professionally managed and secure, but it is also safe in case of an emergency. It is essential that you have some sort of disaster recovery planning in place, in case of unforeseen events. Knowing that you have a proper back-up plan already set in place, will help you sleep better at night.

In Conclusion

Now that you have a better understanding of why more and more businesses are choosing outsourcing and the amazing benefits that come along with it, it is time that you meet the industry leader for outsourcing IT services in Sydney. NST has the experience, know-how, and flexible business solutions that will help take your business to the next level. Find out more what NST can do for you.