Cloud Storage

Disaster Preparedness: What You Need to Know About Cloud Storage and Backups

One of the reasons why so many people fail to keep their data protected with a backup is that it involves effort, and the human nature is to put it off. IT experts used to spend a lot of time badgering staff to back up their PC hard drives, but now they spend an increasing amount of time telling them to back up their online information. The resistance in the process only means that those of us who are too busy, too disorganized or just plain too lazy to create a backup strategy may one day pay the price. Of course, those who are lucky enough to enjoy life under a corporate umbrella, complete with firewalls, multiple layers of security and secure, automatic offsite data backups know that someone else is taking care of all that precious data. However, not every business has that security benefit and for that, you need a ‘Plan B’.

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