Best Practices for a Service Desk

In these fast times, it is a must for businesses in the technological services industry organizations to implement best practices for a service desk to address IT-related issues. This service enables customers, clients or business partners, and even employees, to direct their questions to an expert who can address their concerns.

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Fully Managed IT Support: Your Best Bet for an Efficient and Productive Network

Keeping up with the rising digitization and globalization entails having a robust IT infrastructure that can handle copious amounts of data and transactions. For this, an IT-enabled company needs the help of a professional service provider to provide fully managed IT support.

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Mainframe Modernisation: What You Need to Know

Digital transformation is a goal in enterprise information technology, and experts say that mainframe modernisation leads the way to optimize the IT infrastructure of a company. While the mainframe environment is tested and proven to work, various applications are continually evolving and require upgrades wherever possible.

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Networking versus Telecommunications: Determine What Your Business Needs

Being connected through networking and telecommunications is now more important than ever. We currently live in an era where access to the rest of the world is made possible because of computers and lines of communication. In business, both are important to foster operations and customer service.

In this article, we will learn more about networking versus telecommunications and how each one can benefit your business.

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Upgrading to Cloud Services: Is It Worth It?

Business operations happen all day – and in some cases, all night. The result is the production of copious amounts of data that become too large to handle over time. This and other issues, such as the availability of applications and resources right when you need them, are a challenge that cloud services aim to resolve.

The cloud has quickly become an integral part of business operations, and now more companies are hiring cloud service providers for day-to-day functions.

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Top Reasons to Invest in a Private Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Cloud services have become an in-demand solution for businesses of any scale these past few years. The cloud is a top platform for data management and digital transformation to support business operations. Some cloud services you can avail include cloud computing, data storage and information technology security.

Staying on top of the game is essential, but what matters is deciding which solution is the perfect fit for your company. In this case, it’s important to know what a private cloud is and how Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) helps a business flourish.

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The Difference Between an IT Service Desk and a Helpdesk

There is a vast difference between an IT Service Desk and a Helpdesk.  It is not just semantics. Sometimes, both names are used interchangeably, without thought to the essential differences. It makes it even more confusing when technology companies offer both types of assistance, but the support provided by both services is not identical. By examining what each service offers, you can determine which one meets your target customers’ need.

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