The Difference Between an IT Service Desk and a Helpdesk

There is a vast difference between an IT Service Desk and a Helpdesk.  It is not just semantics. Sometimes, both names are used interchangeably, without thought to the essential differences. It makes it even more confusing when technology companies offer both types of assistance, but the support provided by both services is not identical. By examining what each service offers, you can determine which one meets your target customers’ need.

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Get the Most of IT Support Fundamentals from Your Service Provider

IT support fundamentals consist of activities that strengthen your business’s IT infrastructure and strategy. This is done by developing a strategy to maximize the performance of your entire network system, and by embedding network security in all aspects of the system. Constantly monitoring and optimizing your system is another area that requires in-depth knowledge of the latest threats and solutions.

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Gain Peace of Mind – and Focus on Growing Your Business – with Managed Security

Managed security is a service (MSS) where an external provider sets up and maintains the security for another company. One might think of it as outsourcing, but unlike outsourcing, the hiring company does not reduce its IT component. Instead, it hires an external service company that has the greater experience and wider contacts to manage the vital aspect of network security.

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How Can You Secure Data in the Cloud?

Intuitively, it is hard to feel that your data is safe in the cloud when you or any of your staff are unaware of the exact location and condition of your data. How secure is the cloud? The simple answer is that it is most likely safer than in any other place. However, nothing is infallible for a variety of reasons. With careful management and expert advice, it is possible to work with the cloud service provider to increase the security of your data.

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Can Your Business Survive without a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan_

Can Your Business Survive without a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan?

News publications and websites often report on the IT system problems of big corporations. What you may not realize is that small and medium-sized businesses could be the most vulnerable because their IT protocols are easier to breach. That’s why every business needs to engage a disaster recovery plan as part of their overall business continuity strategy.

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