NST: A La Carte IT Support: Flexible IT Solutions for the Right Price

It seems counterintuitive, but you can save a substantial amount of money by investing in individual IT solutions or “a la carte” IT support rather than bundled solutions. According to The Research Byte, industries invest 1.4% to 5.9% of their revenue on IT. That might seem insignificant, but if your business earns $50 million a year, that’s at least $700,000. However, does $700,000 offer value in terms of the IT services that you’re receiving? Are you being wise when it comes to your company’s IT spending or are you throwing your revenue down the drain?  

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Data backup & recovery: The essential guide for businesses

Data backup and recovery are essential because, just like us humans, a machine can have a bad day too. Even the most robust and sophisticated machines may likely break down and cause loss of data. There can be several reasons behind it, but organizations need to have a system to save their data from total annihilation. In this article, we shall talk about its importance and how to go about it. 

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Why Small Businesses Should Consider Cloud Services

Cloud services is an all-encompassing term that can mean many things, including cloud computing, managed cloud, etc. But if you think you are not using cloud services, think again. They are nothing but storage and management of your data at a remote place via the internet. This remote location can be inside the business’s premises or with a third party called a cloud services provider. Your social media accounts, online banking, email, etc., are all examples of cloud technology.  

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The Rise of VoIP And How Can Businesses Benefit From It During The Pandemic

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) has helped businesses worldwide stay afloat during the pandemic. As we all know, the Coronavirus pandemic forced us to follow some stringent SOPs. Lockdowns, staying home, and social distancing were some of the consequences of it. The business closure meant a complete shut down for many of them as they required regular physical meetings to function. It was now impossible because the employees were now spread across the city or even cities. Thankfully technology came to the rescue. Those businesses that had switched to VoIP benefitted immensely from this technology; they remained in touch with their staff. Whether the employer desired group or individual meetings, it became effortless and convenient thanks to VoIP. 

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How to Ensure Your Business’s IT Infrastructure Security?

IT infrastructure security means keeping your IT infrastructure safe from intruders and wear and tear. Maintaining it in working order where everything is up-to-date and nothing is left to chance. An organization can perform or outsource these functions to a third party, usually called managed service providers. 

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Does Your Business Need a Fully Managed IT Support?

Fully managed IT support implies entrusting the entire IT operations of an organization to a competent and professional third party. This third party is known as a managed service provider (MSP). It will oversee, monitor, supervise, and facilitate the smooth running of the IT operations and propose and implement changes whenever needed. The extent and level of its services are couched in a contract called a service-level agreement (SLA). MSPs charge a fixed fee against the rendered services as agreed upon in the SLA. 

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4 Benefits of Employing Project Services

Project services now form an integral part of any technology-powered organization’s vital operations. It encompasses everything related to an IT infrastructure and application project right from the word go. It includes conceptualizing, planning, designing, implementing, monitoring, evaluating, and finishing a project within a specified period, with all the inherent limitations and hindrances of the organization and its operating environment. Continue reading “4 Benefits of Employing Project Services”