Does Your Business Needs a Fully Managed IT Support?

Fully managed IT support implies entrusting the entire IT operations of an organization to a competent and professional third party. This third party is known as a managed service provider (MSP). It will oversee, monitor, supervise, and facilitate the smooth running of the IT operations and propose and implement changes whenever needed. The extent and level of its services are couched in a contract called a service-level agreement (SLA). MSPs charge a fixed fee against the rendered services as agreed upon in the SLA. 

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4 Benefits of Employing Project Services

Project services now form an integral part of any technology-powered organization’s vital operations. It encompasses everything related to an IT infrastructure and application project right from the word go. It includes conceptualizing, planning, designing, implementing, monitoring, evaluating, and finishing a project within a specified period, with all the inherent limitations and hindrances of the organization and its operating environment. Continue reading “4 Benefits of Employing Project Services”

Prepaid IT Support Can Help Slash Your Business Costs

Prepaid IT Support is a simple, limited plan that allows you to take advantage of a more affordable IT support whenever needed without incurring enormous costs. This is particularly crucial amid this global crisis when safeguarding and maintaining your IT infrastructure and business continuity needs to be ensured.

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Mainframe Access: Migrate or Modernise?

Mainframe access modernisation is an essential issue that all mainframe users face. As more and more mainframes become legacy systems and new technologies emerge, enterprises face the dilemma of migrating to new technology or modernising their apps to enable them to continue accessing and using their mainframes. Read on to find out the pros and cons of each choice.

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