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Vulnerability Management in the Business Security World

In today’s information age, to simply say you have business security from an IT support team is no longer sufficient and severely understated. Attacks on information systems and against business’ proprietary Information occur on a 24/7 basis, so without a full on vulnerability management program as a core part of your IT and security team you may be risking your company’s data. According to SANS Critical Security Controls , a Vulnerability Management Service (VMS) is no longer an option but a critical requirement. To directly quote SANS, “The [security] Controls take the best-in-class threat data and transform it into actionable guidance to improve individual and collective security in cyberspace. Too often in cybersecurity, it seems the “bad guys” are better organized and collaborate more closely than the “good guys.” The Controls provide a means to turn that around.” Sounds like a doomsday prophecy, but we’re here to walk you through Vulnerability Management (VM).

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Service Desk Management: Why You Should Outsource

The key to keeping your growing business running smoothly for both its internal employees and customers alike, is to have all of your IT functions available and operational at all times. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to maintain a smooth-running operation 100% of the time. Encountering even minor IT issues within your organization can lead to a screeching halt in productivity and a solution must be readily available 24 hours a day to overcome these issues – this solution is the service desk.

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Outsourcing IT Services in Sydney: What You Need to Know

Is outsourcing IT services in Sydney the wave of the future for small businesses in Australia? According to a recent economics study, companies in Australia that have less than 300 employees have taken the lead when it comes to outsourcing it services. One of the main causes of this trend is the money saving factor. Companies that choose to outsource their IT services ended up having cost savings of 25% to 40%. That’s huge!

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