online backup

Online Backup: What You Need to Know

One of the biggest improvements brought by the Digital Age is data storage. Although traditional data storage practices are still implemented among businesses, having an online backup has become the most popular option to take for keeping your data safe.

A major advantage of why having an online backup is highly preferred by businesses, is that it provides them with an additional level of security. Online data gives business owners the reassurance that their information will be within their reach should their local storage system malfunction, especially during business hours.

Relying purely on local data storage can have detrimental results as there is a higher risk of suffering from cyber attack and loss of data. Improve the way you do your business by upgrading your IT infrastructure, and most importantly, your data storage system. With an advanced IT system and a solid data storage in place, running your business will be stress-free.

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Best Practices for Firewalls in 2016

Over the past couple of decades, the firewall has evolved from the port-based guardian of the Internet into a next generation firewall that is application aware. Whether as a stand-alone network appliance or a multi-purpose tool packed into a router, firewalls have proved to be a vital piece of enterprise security stacks for one simple reason: nothing’s come along to replace them.

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Information Technology Support Policies for Small Businesses

What does Information Technology (IT) support policies mean for today’s small businesses? Lets start by looking at IT support which entails a team in a company or organization that provides technical assistance to people who have difficulties with their computer systems. In reality, it’s much more than just that as every company whose roles and support are defined by computers, email, the Internet, and software on a daily basis should have information technology (IT) support policies in place.

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VOIP Services

VOIP Services and Integration

Welcome to the world of VoIP (voice over IP) – A place where you can take an important business call on your laptop,  receive an urgent voicemail in your e-mail inbox, and have a business with a New York area code, even though your office is in another country.  The term encompasses a mixture of technologies, from things as simple as Skype and Viber to more business type offerings like Lync and IP desk phones. “The cloud” has already become passé and so very 2012 –so the next hot item in the tech world is without a doubt unified communications, or simply UC.  Chances are your organization either has UC operations ongoing or are in the works to use some form of it.

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Virtual Private Networks

VPNs – Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Private Networks

You’re probably wondering, “why would I want or need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)? I have nothing to hide…” and you’re probably right, however, as in real-life, not everyone on the Internet is as nice, friendly, or as trustworthy as you or your company. But, just like in real-life, not every person you see on the street is out to steal your wallet, but there are other reasons you should take advantage of a VPN. A secure VPN connection essentially hides your web activity, concealing your activity and navigation on the net in an encrypted layer, thus making your communications nearly if not impossible to read if intercepted.

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Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Solutions That Will Keep Your Business Secure

Where would we all be without Anti-Virus (AV) packages?  It is without question the biggest building block to any security suite whether at home or the largest corporations.  By securing your operating systems with an AV program, you close the door on a multitude of potential security leaks. Even the most tech-savvy users can be duped into downloading malware or becoming the victim of identity theft, just by logging on.  Sadly, these lessons are still being learned today, so we offer a few important reasons why you need AV protection on all of your critical systems.

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Cloud Storage

Disaster Preparedness: What You Need to Know About Cloud Storage and Backups

One of the reasons why so many people fail to keep their data protected with a backup is that it involves effort, and the human nature is to put it off. IT experts used to spend a lot of time badgering staff to back up their PC hard drives, but now they spend an increasing amount of time telling them to back up their online information. The resistance in the process only means that those of us who are too busy, too disorganized or just plain too lazy to create a backup strategy may one day pay the price. Of course, those who are lucky enough to enjoy life under a corporate umbrella, complete with firewalls, multiple layers of security and secure, automatic offsite data backups know that someone else is taking care of all that precious data. However, not every business has that security benefit and for that, you need a ‘Plan B’.

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Malware and Crypto Threats in Today’s Home and Businesses

It’s a war out there in the Cyberworld… and it’s only getting worse. Hopefully, this is not news to you. According to Kaspersky Labs, 58% of corporate PCs were attacked with at least one Malware attempt, 29% were exposed to an Internet-based attack (much higher if you’re part of a government) and a huge rise in the number of attacks targeted against Droids and IOS devices in the growing market to steal data from employee’s mobile devices. This doesn’t even the address the 41% of attacks from the insider threat, both the intended and unwitting employees, that use infected USB sticks or other removable media.

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business security world

Vulnerability Management in the Business Security World

In today’s information age, to simply say you have business security from an IT support team is no longer sufficient and severely understated. Attacks on information systems and against business’ proprietary Information occur on a 24/7 basis, so without a full on vulnerability management program as a core part of your IT and security team you may be risking your company’s data. According to SANS Critical Security Controls , a Vulnerability Management Service (VMS) is no longer an option but a critical requirement. To directly quote SANS, “The [security] Controls take the best-in-class threat data and transform it into actionable guidance to improve individual and collective security in cyberspace. Too often in cybersecurity, it seems the “bad guys” are better organized and collaborate more closely than the “good guys.” The Controls provide a means to turn that around.” Sounds like a doomsday prophecy, but we’re here to walk you through Vulnerability Management (VM).

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Service Desk Management: Why You Should Outsource

The key to keeping your growing business running smoothly for both its internal employees and customers alike, is to have all of your IT functions available and operational at all times. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to maintain a smooth-running operation 100% of the time. Encountering even minor IT issues within your organization can lead to a screeching halt in productivity and a solution must be readily available 24 hours a day to overcome these issues – this solution is the service desk.

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